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Lot Valley Garden

January 2014

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by , 09-01-2014 at 07:17 PM (8776 Views)
Start as I mean to go on. Ha Ha.
First day on plot this year having been away over xmas and then sorting the house.
Task number one is sorting out the compost heap which needs an extra bay. Have found the space and am sorting out the decent compost from the new stuff. Couple of hours work to go. Need a sieve and some plastic bags which I cant get til Saturday.
In the (house)garden OH has pruned all the grape vines and put the prunings to dry in the wood store as they will be good for barbecues.
Bonfires not allowed here now but the village workman must have had permission to have one as he was burning stuff down on the riverbank. Sneakily added some tree cuttings.