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Veggy Patch

This is my first ever blog, which is a record of my adventures on my small veg patch.

I hope that you enjoy reading my mishaps and share my appitite for learning how to produce good vegetables for the family to eat.

This is my second year of growing veg, always grew flowers before so I am looking to learn something new.


  1. This Week.

    by , 11-01-2009 at 05:32 PM (Veggy Patch)
    It's been freezing cold. We have had snow! It took until Friday to thaw. I have planted garlic this week. (v.Fokyhama)

    Today I have planted my rhubarb in a pot as its starting to grow. (v. Red Champagne)

    Both Garlic and Rhubarb were planted on the appropriate moon day, but only time will tell.