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Lived in Australia most of my adult life in Sydney. There I trained in horticulture and ran a small Nursery business for 10 years. It was successful in some respects but not financially so eventually I took off for UK to be with family.
I took on a small allotment in Histon Cambridge in 2006 that was just grass and is now shaping up quite well.
I was blessed with the donation of a second hand 10 x 6 greenhouse in late 2006 from some friends and after some teething problems have learned how to use it.
whilst I have some training in horticulture there is no substitute for other people's advice and experience and I have much to learn.
This site is not only good for advice but humour and I enjoy it immensely. An excellent resource and I love having my two bob's worth so bear with me spouting off at times.

  1. Sweet potatoes ; definite result!

    by , 05-10-2008 at 05:50 PM
    Have tried to keep up with allotment despite new job demands and being a didtance from home. Being able to swing by at times difficult but most weeks get there to do harvesting and mnor tinkering.
    Therefore very pleased that time for harvesting sweet potatoes has come with the cold finally starting to knock off the foliage anytime now. Not wanting to let the tubers spoil with cold I tentatively dug up some a few weeks ago. Pulling back the black cloth the soil was drier than expected and ...
    Histon allotment
  2. Sweet potato etc

    by , 21-06-2008 at 11:37 AM
    Everything keeping me going on every visit. Most recently the sweet potatoes went in to a newly rotovated row with 3 bags of sand mixed into it. Had 7 plants to put in (2 T65 and all 5 Beauregard) that had been in GH a month or so to sprout roots. Raked it into a ridge and planted each leaving a small depression to hold water as they evidently need plenty. I have bought a few metres of black cloth to keep the heat in as soil temperature (20C+) is supposed to be critical to success with them. ...
    Histon allotment
  3. Trying to keep up

    by , 05-06-2008 at 10:55 PM
    Still a bit slow on my legs and starting a new job has meant hard to keep up with all jobs required.
    Lots of rain has meant everything well watered but slowing without sun or warmth - fortunately. Grass around the plots has become 6" deep and looking forward to someone being able to mow it.
    Would like to clear out the GH to get more grobags in and plant up with peppers/chilli and aubs. Also to get shade curtains up and outside painted to limit heat build up which is still a problem. ...
    Histon allotment
  4. Invalided

    by , 19-05-2008 at 11:14 PM
    Struggling to keep up with everything during my knee problem of last few weeks but having had arthroscopy last week hoping to be more capable soon.
    Plants powering away on all fronts since 10 days of sun and a few of rain. Glasshouse plants doing well too but many finding it too hot already so put outside to cope.
    Quite a few self seeded plants going well too. A nice crop of coriander very aromatic and ready ahead of sown ones. Also potatoes and fennel / dill too and hoards of sunflowers. ...
    Histon allotment
  5. In earnest

    by , 07-05-2008 at 06:48 PM
    Checking the allotment on week end I see a lot going on and here's the progress report;
    Potatoes: Accent showing as are some of the later planted.
    Peas: 2 nd batch showing, 1st batch 3 inches high
    Carrots: 2 var which are small but progressing
    Parsnips: not many up
    Beetroot: a few showing
    Onions: 2 var which are small but establishing ok
    Cabbage and Broccoli? Cauli : mulched ones ravaged by slugs rest growing well = don't mulch!
    In GH Fennel ...
    Histon allotment
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