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Radish Pod recipes

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by , 13-07-2019 at 07:57 PM (261 Views)
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200g radish pods
60g salt
2 dried chillies
300ml white wine vinegar

Make certain you pick the pods on a dry day then pick over to remove any that are hard or blemished.

combine the salt and 600ml water in a pan. Heat gently, until the salt dissolves then bring to a boil. Add the radish pods and take off the heat. When the pods turn bright green drain and use for pickling.

If the pods do not turn bright green, strain them, add the brine back to a pan, bring to a boil then throw the pods back in once again. Repeat the process until the pods are ready.

Drain the pods thoroughly then pack into clean, sterilized, jars and add the dried chillies. Add the vinegar to a pan, bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes. Pour the hot vinegar over the pods in the jars, seal with vinegar-proof lids then set aside to mature for 2 months before consuming.


  1. burnie's Avatar
    I find myself asking what are radish pods Bren?
  2. Bren In Pots's Avatar
    Burnie they're just the radish seed pods, lots of images on Google.
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