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Jobloggs . Spring update.

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by , 22-03-2010 at 08:08 PM (1913 Views)
So apparently Spring is here . Lottie seems to be ready for the big push sowing and planting wise.
The garlic has overwintered very well and is looking healthy. The spring cabbage (what the slugs left) seems to have woken up to the fact that it needs to get growing. I've now got a little pond in front of the wildlife hotel . It needs plants around it but I've been promised some frogspawn in a couple of weeks. I've already planted Bergenia in the hopes that the wabbits don't like the waxy leaves.
The bean trenches have been filled and the frames are pretty much in place. I'm now waiting for the shallots and onions sets to start some top growth. I know they've grown roots cos I had to replant one that a bird had been investigating.
At home I've got bored beans and onions ready to go out , they're just about hardened off now. That will free up some room to move stuff around and get more growing. Also got one more row of earlies ready to plant.