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by , 02-09-2010 at 10:04 PM (1718 Views)
An update on our second summer of gyo.....
I'm actually pretty pleased at how things have gone after a bit of a rocky start to the year. Runner beans are now flowering after being decimated umpteen times but whether we actually get some remains to be seen, french beans have sort of climbed and have had some strange goings on with the leaves but we've been getting a reasonable crop off them. Mange tout once they decided to germinate were good and cropped well. Courgettes put up a lot of leaves and male flowers but then got their act together and produced the goods. Gherkins ....well I think I could've supplied maccy d's with them
After last years holier than thou cabbages this years have been brilliant, and we've had two decent cauli's which is one more than last year. Onions have also delivered the goods especially the shallots and garlic. Parsnips , well, we need to wait a bit yet and the carrots after a rocky start have provided a couple of meals. Not sure if they were worth the space tho'.
Fruit ( apart from goosgogs) has been good and so has the GH stuff. Plenty of Aubs, toms and peppers.
So the freezer is full, the cupboards are full and the booze cupboard is full. Plus even more knowledge has been learnt . I think all in all a good year