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by , 10-02-2010 at 08:53 PM (2279 Views)
We both had a day off today so decided that whatever the weather we would go up the lottie and sort out our seating area. This is a space which was full of weeds growing between the two sheds. When we pulled down the worst shed we covered this area with some carpet. So today we lifted the carpet and levelled the ground. Then replaced the carpet and used pallets(the filled in kind ) to make our decking. Amazingly it actually turned out level . Next step will be to put up supports and make a sort of verandah thingy that I can grow a grape vine up. We still have some of the fibreglass panels off the dead shed and will probably use them for a roof as they let light thru and will offer some protection for the vine.
That took about an hour by which time I had turned into a giant icicle so we came home to thaw out.


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    very photo? Love photos