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Autumn update

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by , 20-10-2010 at 09:42 PM (1452 Views)
Just thought I'd have a ramble now that summer is definitely over ......
Not been a bad year , the freezers are full and so are the cupboards...mainly with gherkins. So what's left growing....well there's psb, spring and red cabbage in one bed, then there are leeks at various stages of development, parsnips, ruby chard , kale and winter cabbage. Also If it's survived the frosty nights we've started to get I have some romaine lettuce, chicory and radicchio. There's still some celery and fennel to pick (if the frost hasn't done it some damage )
I ended up with a few bsn , the grand total of six stored and smaller ones have been used, one pumpkin awaiting halloween ,I shall use the flesh and give the shell to next door for carving , and one small sugar pie pumpkin.
Next big job for a dry day or two is to level out where the GH is going and then to get it put up in time to get a vine next spring.
I'm also experimenting with some tomato cuttings after reading the overwintering tomato thread and also sowing some carrots in the GH (at home).
Now I need to sort out my seeds ready for the start of the year . Oh and also the pond needs a bit of a tidy up.........