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Butterfly beds 3

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, 29-05-2014 at 04:34 PM (1707 Views)
Well it's a very slow process. I had hoped the beds would be finished by now, but unfortunately my brickie who is lovely (OH's nephew) is very slow so at the moment only have the internal walls of 2 beds completed. This week rain has stopped play. In more ways than one!
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I Have started to fill one bed, but it's hard work, and I need to salvage soil from other parts of the garden. it is a logistical nightmare, trying to decide which bit to tackle next. The garden project will take at least three years, so I don't want great patches of bare earth that will just turn into weed beds over the summer.
What I would like to do is hire a skimmer to remove all the grass, hire a rotaviator to break up the existing lawn, and then plant green manure crops until we a ready to tackle the next area. But to do all this requires time and money, both in short supply!


  1. LillyRoseGarden's Avatar
    It's absolutely lovely!
    Keep on the good work.