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My birth month

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by , 01-09-2019 at 10:51 PM (297 Views)
So September has arrived and the busy summer season here on the islands is dwindling as families return to the mainland ready for the start of the new school year. Autumn is a gentle season on Scilly as the pink amaryllis belladonnas and magnificent crinum lilies in white and sugar pink come into bloom. The bracken turns russet and gold, spiders webs are festooned everywhere, the apple trees are laden with Bramleys, the hedgerows with blackberries, the Jerusalem artichoke 'forest' with small sunflower blooms and the dew spangles the grass in the morning.

The end of the summer season hasn't been helped by the fact that our passenger ferry, RMV Scillonian III, broke down with engine failure last Wednesday and had to limp back to Penzance under one engine, escorted by the Sennen lifeboat and with the Coastguard service on alert.

It's taken five days to shift about 1500 stranded passengers on an assortment of scheduled small planes (Isles of Scilly Skybus), small jet boats and an inter-island passenger launch back to the mainland. Islanders have been opening their homes to welcome passengers because accommodation was full to overflowing. No-one has had to sleep on the beach, anyway!

There are still visitors stuck on the islands but the Scillonian has now been repaired after round-the-clock efforts from a team of four engineers. She made her first voyage to Scilly at 15.30 this afternoon, turning round and leaving at 19.00 to return to Penzance, arriving at 21.45. Tomorrow she's scheduled to do two trips, leaving Penzance at 6am, Scilly at 09.30, Penzance at 1.00pm, Scilly at 16.30. Hopefully that will see the backlog cleared. It's going to be a very long day for the crew and support staff

It was too hot to work in the greenhouses with today's almost unbroken sunshine so I kept busy by moving plants and weeding outside, in a long sleeved T-shirt and big hat. At least we've had some rain over the past few weeks so the water butts are full, but that just means that the bindweed is growing yards by the day and needs ruthlessly ripping out just to keep on top of it
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