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Jan 2018 - The Chris11 Challenge – Bonus Seeds

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by , 04-03-2018 at 04:16 PM (269 Views)
It all started with the “2018 seed offer Chris11”
Having spent some time looking through the different peppers (Chilli and Sweet), deciding to control the addict and mind the “The Ear” - You have too many Chilli’s – I decided to play it safer with seeds that may be appreciated by all. Asked for : -
Aji Pineapple 2017,
Bulgarian Carrot 2017,
Santa Fe Grande 2017,
Cherry Bomb 2016,
Sweet Banana 2017,
Hungarian Black 2017.

Checked the weight and size and sent off the envelope 1st Class and a PM Message. We waited… No receipt. Sent off another envelope, only to discover that night, that the maximum thickness for 1st Class is 5mm. they were all stuck in “Wrong postage Paid”

That was sorted out and Chris offered some bonus seeds.

Mystery Bonus seeds
27th January - PM
…. was just thinking about extras to send, and noticed that your original requests were all mild/medium/sweet…
… would you like a couple of 'mystery' packs I think you might like, or a single pack of mixed seeds of maybe 4 seeds each of 5 different varieties in one bag for a more complete 'lucky dip'?

PM - Complete lucky dip

30th January - PM
“I've made up your mystery pack with about 50 seeds, so that should keep you going for a couple of years
I've kept a note of which varieties were included, so you can have that now, or enjoy the lucky dip when you start growing them, and we'll identify them later. Some of them are on the list offered here, some are not

Plus your six requests:
Aji Pineapple 2017,Bulgarian Carrot 2017,Santa Fe Grande 2017,Cherry Bomb 2016,Sweet Banana 2017,Hungarian Black 2017.

They're ready to post, so you'll probably get them Thursday or Friday this week. “
3rd February – Seeds Delivered.
The Mystery seed challenge began.
Now just need to identify the seeds.
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  1. Chris11's Avatar
    Will follow this with interest, and it's good to see some of my spare seeds have found such a good home.

    The Mystery Seed Challenge will be fun on both sides. I'll just say at this stage that the Mystery Pack ended up with more than 5 different varieties included :)
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