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    Default What I Did Today Archive 2011

    Things I did today.
    This is intended to act as an aid memoir to everyone on the grapevine. I hope it will help remind us of tasks that should be carried out at the time of year each posting is written.
    It is not intended to be a Blog or a journal but simply an aid to help. I hope everyone will post what they did in their garden or allotment each day.

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    Default What I Did Today Archive 2011

    Cleared the worst of the badly frosted leaves from swiss chard and perp. spinach - I'm sure the plants will bounce back as the Spring arrives.....

    Released a wren that managed to get trapped in the brassica cage.

    Potted up all of the tulips that didn't make it into the ground before the weather turned (130) and most of the alliums. Ran out of multi-purpose (120l used in all) so will have to finish once shops are open again.

    Repaired second brassica cage which collapsed under the snow.

    Admired the chives which are already showing green.
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    Put down most of a path in the greenhouse (yippee!) and checked all the stuff in buckets - it had frozen (-7) but recovered and is doing OK (kale, chard, etc)
    Stuff in the bed under fleece seems OK
    Sowed the chillis - in heated prop (though can't find lid, so need to keep an eye on watering!) ready for the early chilli effort - first sowing of the year, yippee!!

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    Main greenhouse is semi roofless. One broken spar and lots of broken glass.
    Did a bit of a clean up today and smashed up the rest of the broken glass and put it in buckets to transport home.
    Fired up the woodburner and managed to burn all the rotten or broken woodwork
    I have already bought a replacement for the broken spar but on closer inspection I have varying degrees of rot in the rest of the roof spars!
    Nothing else for it but to replace all the roof spars and probably most of the glass.
    I'm a bit pink lint just now after the christmas period so will have to buy the roof spars as I can afford them, either that or totally rebuild the greenhouse from scratch!
    Might be able to pick up some corrugated perspex sheets in the sales which could work out cheaper.
    Was given four large bags of straw and chicken poo from my neighbour which are now spread out and nestled around my fruit bushes. No idea why they don't use the organic matter themselves, but their loss is my gain.
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

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    Pulled all my parsnips, blanched and in freezer (mine and daughter's). Cleared away foliage ready to plant something else tomorrow.
    Granny on the Game

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    Hole Digger is offline Seedling
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    Dec 2007


    Mucked the rhubarb[one crown is starting to bud].Ripped half of the tomato plants out from last year[lazy sod] do the rest tomorrow i promise,harvested celeriac sprouts and a nice bunch of parsley out of the tunnel

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    Jul 2009
    In hope, near Heathrow


    Pulled up 3 nice parsnips and cut two diddy heads of cabbage.
    Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?

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    windy east coast, sandy soil


    - biked 6 bags of kitchen scraps & wrapping paper up to the lotty for the Daleks
    - Daleks are still rotting down well despite the cold: they were only half full again
    - collected another sack of autumn leaves
    - nothing else to do on the plot: the broadies look good though, 4" tall
    - sowed 4 pots of Kelsae & 4 of Rouge de Florence, in heated propagator
    - sowed 48 sweet peas in root-trainers in gh
    - squished millions of greenfly on the indoor plants (fuchsias)
    - brought narcissus in from the shed - now on windowsill to force early flowering
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