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    Default What I Did Today Archive 2008

    Things I did today.
    This is intended to act as an aid memoir to everyone on the grapevine. I hope it will help remind us of tasks that should be carried out at the time of year each posting is written.
    It is not intended to be a Blog or a journal but simply an aid to help. I hope everyone will post what they did in their garden or allotment each day.

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    Heading to the allotment today for recon of what's to do, as we haven't been for a while. Needs a good clear out methinks, if we get past the weeds, I may be gone a while.
    We bought a little greenhouse to sit against the South wall of our house yesterday off ebay, can't wait for it to come. It means this'll be the first year the house won't be covered in plant pots on sills and anywhere else that's flat.

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    Default New Years Day.

    Spent an hour titivating around the garden, coughing and wheezing mostly, bit of weeding, raking veg patch level for digging later, dug up some plants to divide.

    Sorted through stored Onions, threw most away. Gone soft. Onions not me.

    Knackered after a while, now sorting through seed packets, making lists in the warm.

    Forgot to mention even though its New Years Day, I managed to spent nearly 60 odd quid on Suttons on-line store...used my magic discount code for 10% off.
    Last edited by seasprout; 01-01-2008 at 04:38 PM. Reason: Remembered a bit more.

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    I made good use of the mild weather today and pruned the last row of gooseberries. I also pruned the red currants and struck some cutings from the prunings.

    Best of all I finally built the raised beds in polytunnel number 2 ready for filling. Back at home it was into the greenhouse and a load of beetroot seed were planted in modules. They will be ready to go under a cloche in about 5 weeks.

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    Picked a handful of brocolli to go with dinner - well impressed since we had a good feed of it with Christmas dinner! Looked at the greenhouse and thought it needs tidying but it will have to wait for another day - looks sad in there without the colour of the Bolivian Rainbow chilli plant (which finally made its way to my sister for her Christmas pressie)
    Last edited by shirlthegirl43; 01-01-2008 at 03:25 PM.
    Happy Gardening,

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    What an active bunch o grapes you have been. I got in about 8:30 this morning and after copious amounts of strong black coffee, took the puppy for a walk along the local beaches - three hours worth of idle sauntering trying to clear my foggy head.
    On the way back I bumped into Raj, manager of our local Indian restaurant, and the only place in the area open for meals tonight, and he has invited us to be his guests tonight - more drink and a curry to boot - great start to 2008.

    British by birth
    Scottish by the Grace of God

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    Nov 2007
    oldham N.w.


    got down on paper my plans for pot and tub stands
    iam going to use copper pipe and fitting to discourage slugs

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    Jul 2007
    Morecambe, Lancashire


    Went to the allotment just for an hour, planted some tatties in big builders tubs (holes drilled in bottom for drainage) and keeping them in one of the greenhouses. also dragged a load of pallets onto the plot to make a fence with.
    Last edited by crichmond; 01-01-2008 at 11:04 PM.

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