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Thread: Germination Temperatures

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    Default Germination Temperatures

    It's really confusing knowing when to sow, where to sow, unheated or in a propagator?
    Each vegetable is different, and the seed packets are vague at best.
    The list below just shows how little heat most things need to germinate ... personally I only give heat to veg from the bottom set; everything else is grown in an unheated greenhouse or on a cool windowsill.

    I've condensed a bit of the info below, in temp.order. You need to look at the full guide for optimum germination temps.

    Minimum temp necessary for germination (C)
    lettuce 2
    onion 2
    parsnip 2
    beetroot 4
    broccoli/calabrese 4
    cabbage 4
    celery 4
    carrot 4
    cauliflower 4
    parsley 4
    pea 4
    radish 4
    broad bean - 5
    kale 5
    leek 7
    swede 7
    turnip 8

    bean – french & runner 10
    sweetcorn 10

    celeriac 10
    tomato 10
    courgette 16
    cucumber 16
    aubergine 16
    sweet pepper 16
    pumpkin 16
    chilli 18
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    I sowed two lots of chillie's 11 days ago in propagator and was about to chuck em out and start again when I noticed two plants just showing there heads today!
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    Good info 2 sheds.

    Of course the trouble for most people seems to be consistency of conditions. So difficult if your at work ...the Suns out one minute and bakes them off and snowing the next! frosty at night etc. Indoors too warm so they go leggy etc etc I am lucky and have a heated greenhouse completely bubble wrapped with autovents. Even if you can create insulated box inside your glassshouse (maybe with a fluro strip light bulb underneath to provide heat if you have no propagator) it will help.(dont be electrocuting yourselves though!)

    Must say; i'm only suprised about broad beens..I just chuck em in the lottie and they come up even in late winter.

    You might think of adding the expected germination time to your list.
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    All information is useful, of course, but do you not think optimum temperature range is more helpful to most growers?

    If you sow at the minimum temperature many seeds never germinate and some that are viable just take so long that they rot or are eaten. It's not a good way to ensure a crop.

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    I found this really useful, as for the past couple of days I've been wanting to sow some bits and bobs, but the weather has been so up and down. Knowing what the minimum temp for germination is great so I know I can get going with some seeds, while holding off with some of the others. I'd also find it really helpful if anyone could help with a rough idea of germination times though

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    Good list Two Sheds. Thanks.

    Actually, is watering your seed with warm water a good idea?
    Would that aid in germination when the soil temp is low?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike and Louise View Post
    is watering your seed with warm water a good idea?
    I think so. I give my seedlings a lukewarm soak instead of icy water straight out the tap.
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    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    Yeah, me too. Especially stuff that is going into the propagator, it takes less time for the heat to get through to the seeds if it's not having to warm up cold compost!

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