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Thread: Caring for your supermarket pot herbs

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    Default Caring for your supermarket pot herbs

    I'm the grower of the ASDA, Morrisons and Co-Op potted herbs in the UK and I'm often asked why they die or how they can be planted in the garden.

    We often get comments such as 'I brought a pot once and it died' so we've developed a guide for keeping the herbs for longer

    Caring for your herbs

    We know that people buy our herbs to plant in the garden - with mixed success - so we've developed a guide for that too.


    How to plant your herbs

    I hope you find this useful.
    Its important to remember that potted herbs are grown for value. We cram a lot of herb into a singal pot to provide value for money against cut herbs. Garden centre herbs at 1.50+ are grown to be grown on. Our herbs are grown to be used, ideally within 1-2 weeks. Some of the herbs you can either re-grow or plant our, others (such as Coriander) you can't.

    We belive pot herbs, if looked after well, can reduce waste compared to cut herbs, which only have a fridge life of 3 days once purchased.

    I hope this is useful. This is not a sales pitch but I just want to help people get the best out of supermarket herbs which do offer great value. And also, our herbs are grown all year round in Lincolnshire all year round, without pesticides. Cut herbs are grown outside and are imported for 4-6 months of the year and are produced with pesticides. So supermarket pot herbs have a lot going for them!
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