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    Default Aminopyralid contaminated manure - Information on removal, finding safe manure

    I have received the following message concerning the uplift of manure, contaminated by the herbicide Aminopyralid made by Dow.

    "Dow AgroSciences are organising the free collection and appropriate disposal of manure that contains trace amounts of aminopyralid and would like to know if you would be interested in this service.

    If this is a service that you would like undertaken, then please reply back with the following information. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to arrange disposal services in all cases, although we will do our best to help you.

    To help in this matter, please answer the questions below and reply back to me by 16th October 2009:

    1) Approximately how much manure (either bags or estimated weight) do you have that requires collection?

    2) Where is the manure located?

    3) Please provide precise details of access arrangements for the site where the manure is located including confirmation of whether there is vehicle access. If you are not the owner of the site, please also confirm whether the owner or another person's permission is required to enter the site:

    4) Please provide your contact details: full name, address, postcode and particularly a day time telephone number:

    If you do not reply it will be assumed that you do not need any further assistance with the removal of any manure.

    Following receipt of this information, I will contact you on behalf of Dow AgroSciences to discuss the follow up arrangements.

    Please note that any assistance offered is without admission of liability on the part of Dow AgroSciences or Stewardship Ltd in relation to any losses or damage which may have been caused to your crops.

    A website, Manure - check provenance before buying has been created to provide further information.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter and assuring you of our best intentions

    Steve Higginbotham
    E-mail: "

    I would suggest that everybody should take advantage of this offer to get rid of their stockpiles of this contaminated manure and contact them using the above e-mail address by the 16th October.
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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Cripes - that's an interesting move.

    I'm putting it up as a sticky, so that it stays at the top of the screen.

    Thanks for letting people know.

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    My guess is that they hope no one will be bothered to estimate the weight of their manure pile etc. They get good PR for offering though. The problem has been that if you had the problem, you only know because you've used the manure already!

    I hope there are people who can take them up on this - they should be prepared to clean up their act.
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    Please note that any assistance offered is without admission of liability on the part of Dow AgroSciences or Stewardship Ltd in relation to any losses or damage which may have been caused to your crops.

    Hmmm, really?

    So they're just doing it out of the goodness of their heart?

    At least they're doing it I guess.
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    According to Garden Organic the Government is about to give the O.K. to Dow to start reselling the stuff without any modifications to the formula.

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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Yup, we've had threads trying to get people to sign the petition....

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    realfood is offline Rooter
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    Recognizing and testing for Aminopyralid contamination of manure.

    On my website, I have recently updated the information available on aminopyralid manure contamination. In addition, there are photos to show the typical signs to look out for, that indicate aminopyralid contamination.
    New photos and instructions have been added to show how to test manure for aminopyralid contamination. Although the test will take a few weeks to carry out at this time of the year, it is advisable to carry out the test before spreading new supplies of manure over your plot. As there must be thousands of tons of contaminated manure stockpiled on farms and stables, let the buyer beware!!
    See this page for information and photos:-

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    glallotments is offline Seedling
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    Default Advice on obtaining manure

    What is Aminopyralid?

    Aminopyralid is the active ingredient in a range of herbicides including ForeFront and Mileaway (originally known as Runway). Aminopyralid is a particularly persistent chemical which does not affect grass plants. This means that when grass is eaten by animals the chemical passes through the animals gut and remains active in any manure produced. Stacking manure for a long period does not remove the problem.

    It is only when the manure is subjected to soil microbes and all plant material is completely broken down that the residue is released and rendered harmless.

    What does Aminopyralid do?

    Aminopyralid affects plant hormones. Affected plants display distorted growth typically cupping or excessive bubbling of the leaves and fern like shoots. The leaves may be leathery and have strongly defined parallel veining.

    Although plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, bean, peas, raspberries, dahlias and some roses are particularly susceptible other plants may be affected depending on the concentration of residue.

    Some images and video of affected plants are available here

    How can I avoid obtaining contaminated manure?

    Ensure that you only acquire manure from suppliers that can guarantee no herbicide containing aminopyralid has entered the supply chain.

    A list on questions to ask is available here

    If your supplier cannot give any guarantees then don’t use the manure.

    What if I have manure that I suspect is contaminated?

    You can try to carry out a bean test instructions here:

    The bean test can only prove that aminopyralid contamination is actively present it cannot prove that the manure is aminopyralid free.
    If you have reason to suspect that manure is affected then:
    • - Remove as much manure as possible.
    • - Rotavate or dig the soil as often as you can to speed up decomposition.
    • - Don't cover the soil as this will prevent air getting to the soil.
    • - Grow crops that are less likely to be affected such as courgettes, squashes and sweetcorn.
    • - Don't compost any affected plant material
    • - Don't burn any affected plant material - this could be illegal
    • - If your polytunnel or greenhouse is affected then keep turning the soil and keep the soil moist. Moisture and air are needed to aid plant decomposition.
    • - Contact the Chemical Regulation Directorate DOW agrochemicals

    Other information can be accessed following the links below:

    The Chemical Regulations Directorate

    Links from this web page

    By entering Aminopyralid in the search box of this forum you can access the many threads which have mentioned the problem.
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