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    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    Potted on all my tomato plants which are really getting big now. Kimberley, Stupice Bloody Butcher and Blaby getting really big now. Also potted on my chili planted. Checked over my strawberry plants and found two that have buds on them. Unfortunately I don't know which variety they are as I didn't label them when i took the runners in the autumn.

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    Sep 2007
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    dug over 3 potato beds and carrot bed, raked and covered.

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    - potted on Bloody Butcher & PW French Black tomatoes
    - put the peas, garlic & lettuce out in the sunshine, then back in gh at night
    - sowed more HH annuals in the heated prop - they're coming up quick now
    - repotted everything in gh (well, it felt like it)
    - planted out 25 nigella
    - watered then repotted the 6" high French beans (just a few on windowsill)
    - picked another sack of broken glass & plastic shards out of the compost heap
    - wheelbarrowed 8 loads of greenhouse glass to a Freegler, been in shed 15 years
    - dug nettles & brambles out of lotty
    - planted out spuds, sweet peas, peas & garlic on SOMEONE ELSE'S PLOT !!! then handed back their keys
    - planted out stocks & bulbs/corms of anemone de Caen & gladioli, & freesias in the gh
    - planted out garlic on my own lotty, and more peas
    - picked lots of lovely new chard leaves
    - spring onions are bolting, so cooked them all for dinner
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    Apr 2009
    West Yorkshire, UK


    Having been away from home for the last 6 months due to work I feel like I'm lagging badly behind but then again it's still pretty cold up here (although it's been a nice day here today) so I started off some early onward peas, beetroot, kohlrabi, broadbeans, tomatoes and some nasturtiums. I also put my onion sets into modules and placed them into the greenhouse as I think it may still be a little too cold for them to go out as such.

    Don't want to stop now! Better get sitting on my hands before I start other stuff off too early...
    Life's not always a party - but now that we're here, we might as well dance!

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    buzzingtalk is offline Tuber
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    Oct 2010
    NE London


    Put up 2 hanging baskets ready for trailing toms
    repotted some strawbs
    checked over seeds - got a few herbs and marigolds coming up!

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    Rixy is offline Seedling
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    Jul 2008
    Wallsend, North Tyneside


    Took a lot of rubbish down to the dumpit site. finished off painting the new wood base for the greenhouse I'm rebuilding, finished off putting up the wire mesh on top of my fence and lastly finshed off preparing the bed for my onions to go into tomorrow.
    It was dark. And cold. And very, very empty.

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    Sep 2008


    sowed all my toms today, and aubergines, and chillies.
    Must put my potatoes somewhere to chit soon....

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    suzac70 is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2011

    Default Backache

    Measured out beds and marked them out, spent two hours digging very stubborn weeds out of bed 6, didn't have time to plant onion sets as in-laws visiting, have leeks growing in mini greenhouse, first season on plot so am winging it at the moment but my husband built me two compost bins and a shed on thursday so at least i dont just have half a plot of mud and weeds anymore.....talking of which, is it ok to put all the weeds on the compost? Because thats what I've done inbetween layers of manure and straw that the site has delivered.

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