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    Mar 2010


    Ordered my carrot, swede and broccoli seeds.

    Also asked some friends to save me their used toilet rolls, got a funny look until I explained why.

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    Apr 2009
    Godalming, Surrey


    Fixed the bubble wrap in the greenhouse properly now I have the corner bracket thingies to hold it up.
    Listed ALL my veg seeds on the spread sheet, only 41 packs, not nearly as many as I thought

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    Potted on my first toms, (2x amish paste and a pw french black) sinking them down to almost the seed leaves. Retrieved the hibiscus out of the airing cupboard where they had germinated in 2 days.....Gave the other seeds a good talking to .......Pricked out some onion seedlings .....and moved them to the conservatory where they'll stay for a couple of weeks before they brave the gh.
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    Manages to get another couple of eight foot spars dropped off at the allotment for my new greenhouse roof.

    Intend moving my wood burner to the opposite end of greenhouse and build a bit of a slate roof above it.
    Need to get greenhouse externals finished so I can get on with building a new raised bed within and get a few early sowings on the go.
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    Jan 2011


    Moved a lot of Primulas outside on the new shelving. Replanted the onion sets that the frost had lifted, same with the garlic.

    Replaced the netting over my cabbages that the wind had blown off. Damn pidgeons had already destroyed one plant. Time to get the gun out.

    Sowed 2 dozen Broad Bean "Aquadulce in loo rolls and put them in the greenhouse.

    Got given a whole load of raspberry canes, so planted them in the new fruit beds. I dug a trench and lined the sides with weed membrane, so hopefully they will not spread all over the place.

    Got given a load of strawberry plants and have planted them in the raised bed in the polytunnel.

    The expanding foam I used to seal the lean to greenhouse has worked a treat. Moved my old snake tank into the greenhouse and sat it on the staging. Made a big timber support for the front of it. The plan is to make some racking in the tank and use a very small paraffin heater in the bottom of it. The wholeof the top of the tank is mesh for ventilation. I am working on the theory that any heat that escapes from the tank, through the mesh, will warm the greenhouse. Still waiting for the heater to arrive.

    I can post some pictures if anybody is interested in seeing the way I have done it.


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    Today I potted on some of the Cauliflowers I sowed on the 6/1/11, I didn't look yesterday so this morning some of the seedling were about a inch tall...

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    Jul 2008


    Finally managed to get some seeds sown. Sweet Peppers, Roma, Tigerella and Red Pear toms and another I've forgotten (glad I labelled them) and some AYR caulies. More tomorrow I hope. Himself's already complaining about the windowsills filling up, but not talking to him anyway.
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    Aug 2010


    demolished the old rotton compost bin up the allotment and built 2 new ones with all the marine ply i had.
    brought the last few chillies out the airing cupboard and put the on the windowsill.
    "if im not up the up the caravan"

    bowers allotment society

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