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    Jan 2009
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    Today I PANICKED!

    I had two trays of onion seeds in the airing cupboard, covered with a sheet of perspex.

    This afternoon I found that a few of the seeds in one tray had germinated.
    The surface of the compost in other tray, though, is covered with a web of white mould.
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    Sep 2010
    Glasgow, West of Scotland


    emptied the heated propegator of all the chillies that have germinated and repotted them all on the kitchen windowsill in john innes no1

    just deciding what to sow now that it is empty

    if you have any ideas i would appreciate the inspiration!!

    currently got 3 types of toms and 4 5 types of chilli in pots
    as well as some strawberries that i sowed in november and have held up well on the window sill.
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    I potted up 22 chilli seedlings, and have another 15 or so to do tomorrow. I also pruned a rose bush, but activities were cut short my emergency phone call. Hopefully the weather will hold on for tomorrow.
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    gojiberry is offline Early Fruiter
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    Nov 2007
    South Wales


    Managed to get a bag of autumn onion sets sown. I already planted my usual quantity back in Sept/Oct but this bag was going cheap. Have had the ground covered with cardboard for the last two weeks so ground was nicely workable. Covered them with a mulch of shredded paper and enviro mesh so they have some protection to get them going. Also planted out 60 pots of garlic that have been sat in the cold greenhouse.


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    Feb 2008
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    Cleared over wintered lettuce that had finished from 1 large pot and started of early carrots in the pot in the greenhouse. Transplanted on some corriander and parsley. Started off some celeriac seed on the windowsill.

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    Aug 2006
    Durham. Pink Panther territory


    Progressd with the re-glasing of my main greenhouse roof. This is being achieved by taking out the old roof trusses, replacing them with new ones then putting 8 foot X 2 foot sheets of glass on top.
    Hard graft but I managed to get 3 sheets and trusses up today making a total of four done and two to go!

    Paid the rent on one of my plots.....40....need to save up to pay for the other plot by March!

    Knackered and ready for a bath!
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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    - ferried 30 sacks of leafmold up to the lotty
    - got half an hour's weeding done: chickweed and annual grass is flowering
    - did half an hour's weeding on school garden: couch grass and buttercups
    - planted school's 2 free apple trees (Gala & Lord Lambourne)
    - and 3 crates of empty bottles to extend my bottle border
    - received a bag of jars and 2 dozen packs of seed for free
    - watered the indoor peas (now 6" tall)
    - and the indoor hyacinths, so tall they're flopping over, but smell gorgeous
    - set Kestrel and Charlotte spuds to chit in egg boxes, cool east windowsill
    - posted out a couple of seed parcels to Grapes
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    Sep 2008
    Glenfield, Leicester


    Today it was too cold to do any of the outside work I need to do. (Not too cold for me, but the sproglets get too whiny in the cold and I have a low patience threshold today )

    Instead I sorted through all my saved jars from over winter and freecycle. Delabelled them all and sorted into vinegar proof / none vinegar proof and put them tidily away in my garage. Now I know how much more I need to save and which sizes, and how many more to take from my freecycle savers.

    Also stacked 80 empty beer bottles ready to fill with mead
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