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    susieq100 is offline Cropper
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    May 2007
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    Yesterday, watered at the plot - all peas are now up and showing about 1 inch - I know it's not impressive but it pleased me! Weeded and fed onions and shallots and garlic - chicken poo pellets. Tidied out the shed at the plot - ha - I can now stand in there on both feet at the same time!! Came home and watered plants in greenhouse and conservatory - planted a second lot of sweetcorn - first batch are about 3-4 inches high. Courgettes are up! Planted more gherkins, put some peas to soak to plant around my 'rustic' obelisks in the raised beds in the garden. Watched Gardener's World - not great but did remind me that I need to plant out my cornflower seed.

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    glasgowdan is offline Seedling
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    Oct 2009


    Put the last of my spuds in the ground, got a good big bed now, and moved a lot of things from windowsills into the greenhouse. Put the pots of herbs outside from the greenhouse to make some space and starting to think where other items are going to go now. Might use the young apple and plum trees as supports for sweet peas (they won't mind!).

    Also made some preps for the polytunnel, built a door and frame, dug the trench, sprayed glyph on the ground (will be using growbags) as I can't be dealing with thick straw-like grass, rushes and all their roots.

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    Jan 2009
    Farnham, Surrey


    Sowed some annual flower seeds direct. Put netting over my arch ready for courgette and mexican gherkin to grow over. Sowed French Beans in gh. Potted on cucs and toms. Had all plants outside today as beautiful weather but have now brought cucs, melons and courgettes back indoors for the night. Toms and aubergines are spending the night in the gh and peppers are outside for the night, they have been in the unheated gh for the past two weeks. Thinned out basil and potted on. Planted some more peas. Sowed more annual flowers in modules in propagator.

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    Nov 2007


    Today i walked the dog for an hour in the sunshine, had late breakfast with OH, went to B&Q for six 75l bags of Soil Improver & some new secaturs. Came home potted on 4 box plants, assessed my 6 fuscias which were overwintered in an unheated GH and thought dead - i think 5 may still be alive so repotted them & put back into GH. Shuffled all the seeds & plants in the GH as space is now at a premium, decided the broccolli, teasles & feltham 1st peas can have their first night outside under netting. Spread the 6 bags of soil improver over the big bed in front of fence - need at least another 6! Fed apple trees, watered veg beds, watered GH & anything else that needed it. Came back inside & started cooking Roast. perfect day .
    keen but (slightly less) clueless

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    Jul 2009
    In hope, near Heathrow


    Today I got 10 Colleen and 10 Pentland Javelins into the new deep beds - late this year I know but there have been frosts during the week.
    Whooops - now what are the dogs getting up to?

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    Apr 2010


    Mowed the lawn this morning, had a relax with the chickens over lunch and realised the amount of pidgoens in the garden, so looked at ways of trapping them, then began building a greenhouse we found in my OH fathers garage, however with no plans its quite a challenge!

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    Jun 2009


    Quote Originally Posted by Maddie106 View Post
    I cut up old margarine pots to make plant labels and write details on them with a permanent marker.For potato bags, I use a hole punch and attach the label to the handle with a bit of string or re-cycled tights!

    Tights/stockings are brilliant in the garden because they make soft ties that are also strong! I cut the legs into strips about 25 cm wide (about 1 inch).....put all the circles over my wrist, then cut the lot to make ties. Brilliant to tie plants into canes/errect a bean frame etc.
    The tight tops are good for securing fruit trees to stakes.

    But roll on summer when I can put away my jeans and go bare legged!
    Thanks for the tips. I'm all for re using/recycling stuff.
    Got all excited this morning because my peas are showing through the compost in my mini greenhouse as well as my scallop squash. whoo hooo.
    I'd used an old glass chopping board to cover the seed tray rather than messing about with cling film and the peas under the glass are the first thing to pop up.
    Yhe propagator thing isn't showing any sign of anything yet but I'm very impatient and it has only been two weeks since I planted things. My windowsill coriander is doing great though.
    I remember being all nervy last year that things weren't going to grow then all was great in the end.
    I must be more patient
    Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddie106 View Post
    Got the saw out on a buddleia in the front garden that is like a TRIFFID!
    Still some way to go with it....with a bit of luck it will die (I hope!)

    I doubt it, we tried and we tried and ours still didn't ............
    S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
    a batch of jam is always an act of creation ..Christine Ferber

    You can't beat a bit of garden porn

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