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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Pottered in the greenhouse for an hour or so & sowed Sage, Basil, Lemon Balm, Onion - Hystar, Onion - Paris Silverskin, Yellow Chard, Radish - French Breakfast and Mixed Lettuce blend. Still need to sow Carrots, Parsnips, Peas and loads of flowers.
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    today it flippin' snowed !!! So I went in the polytunnel and covered my propagators with an extra layer of bubblewrap for the night.

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    Today I pricked out Amaranthus and potted on. Took last years' cloche attempt apart and decided to do a proper job this year, putting struts in between the hoops etc. Now all I have to do is sort the cover out. Planted garlic and red onions and covered with netting as I could see the wood pigeons eyeing them up!!! Fixed fleece down again after last nights winds and tidied up garden. 8 woven willow edging panels arrived today which I have used to divide up my flower border and hope it might help support some of the plants.

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    OH and me busy today. We got 3rd paised bed in position and I have dug it over and covered it with fleece to warm it up a bit and get the weeds to germinate. This will be the carrot and parnip bed.

    OH has put the guttering round the greenhouse ready to install the water butt. He has also made a new butt and I now have great video of him inside the giant barrell - too funny!

    I have: sown parnips into loo rolls, sown a few caulis, calabrese, leeks, brussels, spinach, mustard leaves. I am soaking some asparagus seeds in a pot. I also pricked out some calendula and sowed loads of flower seeds.

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    i haven't done an awful lot today but one of my tomato seeds has germinated and my cucumber plant is doing much better on my bedroom windowsill than downstairs in the living room, also 3 of my tulips are up

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    Sowed carrots (amsterdam 2) in the hail, yuk. sowed toms, (Armish paste and Garden pearl). Tidied greenhouse a bit till it got too cold
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    My Own Place
    Got a tractor with a topper and flattened all the OSR and other weeds in the field, carefully avoiding the leeks, PSB, swede, kale, cabbages, chard and remaining JA's in readiness for ploughing. Need to decide on whether to apply pig slurry as I did last year or chicken sh#t which has been composting for a year - regardless, both will be ploughed in straight away.
    Picked some of the last cabbages for this weeks boxes, dug up some perrenial weeds that were lurking under the polytunnel staging which is no longer in situ.
    Worked out the space required for my strawbs, so I know how much groundcover I need to order.
    Weeded round my chives.
    Sowed about 1000 Leek Tornado seeds that I forgot I had !
    The Walled Garden
    Watered all the seedlings - Cayenne are 99% germinated but only 2 out of 54 Jalapeno so far . Toms all okay as are lettuces. Celery and celeriac now showing too. Rocket and Mizuna at first true leaf stage.
    Sowed 60 sweet peas in loo rolls for the gaden I work in part time.
    Sowed another 96 Lettuce Charita
    Sowed 1 row of Radish Tarzan and 1 row of Radish Long White Icicle outside.
    Tidied up the Chives, Fennel and Chard.
    Lifted the last of the Leeks, Sprouts and Swede.
    Spread the mounds of compost over the beds.
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    I re-potted my seedlings that were knocked over in my plastic greenhouse for most of the morning......highly peeved...lesson learnt though!
    high winds = move pots off shelf

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