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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Had a very long lie this morninhg as I had only had three hours sleep since going to bed on Thursday night. Went over to the field at about twelve, planted circa 1000 leeks, tied in cukes and toms in tunnel, gave everything a good soak, cleared the shed as it was in chaos following box make up and deliveries, and farmers market prep and aftermath. Went up to posh walled garden at the hotel - watered greenhouse, picked 5kg rasps and 3 kg blackcurrants - have just potted up the rasp jam and will make the jelly later when it has all dripped through the jelly bag (been dripping for about an hour and a half so far).
    Forgot - dug up some more Foremost potatoes and took a look at my Duke of York - I would now say that they are bg enough to start harvesting too, so that's all my tatties on the go now except the Rooster maincrop.
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    Jun 2009
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    Weeded, ran and sat in car to avoid getting drenched, more weeding, ran back to car. More weeding and anti-weed mulching, ran to ladder where Himself and Himself's Dad were about to die due to Himself falling off ladder and on to Dad while trying to prune cherry tree which yes shouldn't really be pruned yet but since all cherries mysteriously disappeared *cough* pigeons *cough* we thought why the hell not, more weeding and anti-weed mulching, pegged down some wheelbarrow potted strawb runners, empted some weed bin cotents on to compost bin, splashed self with toxic weed brew residue, harvested some courgies, (no not puppies), attempted to pick gooseberries while dodging wasps, again ran to car, waited. Waited some more. Waited a bit more. Went home, damp and smelling of toxic weed brew residue.

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    Visited lottie this afternoon as it has been dry today after the down pour yesterday. Weeded and dug over the beds that we put in a few weeks ago. Lifted nets from PSB and cabbages and weeded between rows. Soil was lovely to dig as the rain has broken it down. As we cultivated it to break the ground back at the end of June, I keep diggin and weeding the beds to remove the nasty roots. Had a lovely afternoon as I was the only one on the plot. Hoping to complete fruit area next and start diggin and weeding the other side of lottie. Came home and cut the grass.

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    Jul 2009


    What a long day, I am knackered

    Harvested Radish Saxa 3 and French breakfast (aka crunchy water).
    Harvested Spring onion performer
    Lifted all of the Boltardy beet
    Harvested loads of Cobra French beans
    Harvested peas (I think they are GH Shaft)
    Harvested all the sugar snaps
    Lifted all the Elephant garlic

    Sowed Ostergruss radish, White Lisbon Springs, Carrots Autumn King 2, parsley Italian Giant, Dill, Beetroot Cheltenham Greentop, late Runner beans Celebration, Cabbage Offenham 2, Peas Twinkle

    Transplanted: six CimaDiRapa 40 days, more Bijou' Giant Sugar Pea, about 15 leeks Bleu de Solaise,

    And tomorrow I only need to sow some japanese spring onion..and rest

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    Nov 2007


    Nothing in the garden as it's piddled down all day. In the GH i only watered everything that needed it, picked about a dozen cherry tomatoes and 5 Blueberries that i moved in there to avoid them becoming bird food. In the kitchen i pickled my Paris Silverskin onions which i salted yesterday, just less that 2lb made three coffee jars full. Also made a beetroot cake (from the season to taste thread) which i have yet to taste, but its a lovely shade of pink!
    keen but (slightly less) clueless

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    Sep 2008


    Rained off work yesterday (Tuesday) but managed to pot on 48 Pentsemons and 90 Foxgloves in the plant greenhouse. Also bought a new Stihl long reach Hedgetrimmer.

    Gathered Courgettes, Lettuce and Aubergines from veg plot.

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    First dry day in over a week; still very windy though

    - harvested dry broad bean, coriander & parsnip seeds
    - planted the last 4 French beans (Blue Lake)
    - sowed a row of Markana peas & one of Kelvedon Wonder
    - popped the last Hawk squash in (it is a runt, very small & weedy)
    - dug up a row of King Edwards & Rooster to make space for cabbages
    - finally planted out my poor brassicas: dried up, not thinned out, addled by caterpillars. They have 2 choices
    - pulled carrots, peas, beans, onions, cabbage & spuds for dinner

    weeded, weeded, weeded
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    Sep 2008


    wandered round feeling proud, doing the odd spot of weeding, de-foliating, de-sideshooting, tying in, and harvesting beans, courgettes, squash and cucumber and chillis.
    Will sow mizuna, rocket, kale and spinach in a bit, and feed the toms.
    Very windy.

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