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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Potted on some tomato plants, about 30, some to give away - well, the ones that I can remember what type they are will be - planted up a hanging basket, pricked out some more celeriac, but only 4, there'll be 24 of them, plus the 6 in the garden, I don't have space for them, so why did I plant that many? Doh!
    Potted on some jasmine, hopefully it'll live, it came from a plant in Italy that my grandfather grew.

    found two more slugs and snail, they went bye bye...HA!
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    Mar 2009
    Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England


    I took rosemary and pennyroyal cuttings, and some cuttings from my "Lady Penelope" rose, which is a very good flowerer, and have them on the outside bench, along with the clematis cuttings. I hope to plant any resulting climbers round the vegetable garden. I see the jasmin cutting from last year ("Clotted Cream") has taken and is growing well in one of the climbing rose tubs. It will go in the veg garden, too, eventually.

    Checked the runner beans to see if they're germinating, but no sign yet. Watered the young vegetables. The potatoes are growing fast.

    Cut the hawthorn hedge and trimmed the new shoots on the hazel stump.

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    Potted up 32 celery plants. No, I won't need them all but they were growing - I couldn't kill them could I?!
    Also potted on
    2 cucumber Tiffany
    1 cucumber Sigmadew
    2 butternut Waltham
    1 pumpkin Jack of all Trades
    4 tomato Black Cherry
    5 tomato Gartenperle
    4 tomato Tiffany
    2 tomato Sungold

    And planted 4 pots of runner beans (2 seeds per pot)

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    Apr 2009
    NW Leicestershire


    Went to Morrisons for lazy breakfast so I got more flower buckets.
    Potted on Tomato's Tumbling Tom red, Roma, Cossack & Sun Baby. Pepper Arianne. Planted finger carrots in aforementioned newly obtained Morrisons flower bucket. Put netting round a further bed (cats!) Put Sweetcorn to germinate in wet kitchen roll sheets in iring cupboard. Watered GH.

    Feel better looking at that, thought I'd done nothing 'til just now.

    Just noticed some Basil shoots. Better and better. :-{)}
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    Took everything out of the greenhouse so I could remove wooden staging. Proceeded to attack wooden staging with jigsaw. I cut it down into usable sections, put one back in and cut the rest up and made new staging with 3 shelves. By doing this I have made lots of room down the left hand side for tomatoe plants to stand on the floor. New piece of staging in in place at the end of the bench on the right hand side which means I haven't lost that much shelving space. Had a good sort out. Potted up some tomatoes. Removed side shoots and planted marigolds around the tomatoes.
    Weather has been overcast with a few showers throughout the day, but it has felt quite cold.
    Tomatillo has one yellow flower and heritage peas have started to flower (Early Bird and Blue Bird). Some of the peppers have flower buds forming. Happy days!

    Updated 23rd February 2009

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    Mar 2009
    Co. Louth, Ireland


    Went leather jacket hunting in the brassica bed. Found nothing, so maybe, just maybe I got them all yesterday. Set parsnips and mixed salad leaves. Couldn't do anything else outside; rained most of the day. B&Q lured me in to buy more bean netting, but came home with another water butt, a tap for the barrel I'm converting, one pepper, and two melon plants -too late to plant my own (lame excuse, just can't say no to temptation!). Spent the last couple of hours making paper pots. Just never seem to have enough.
    A good beginning is half the work.
    Praise the young and they will make progress.

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    Jan 2009
    Farnham, Surrey


    This morning planted out dwarf purple french beans under cover. Two out of the three melon plants had collapsed in gh but by this afternoon one of them had perked up again. This afternnoon went to Loseley House and gardens, very enjoyable and had to smirk to myself as some of the spuds in the kitchen garden looked like they had been got by frost, having said that, the asparagus was 3 times the size of mine. Came away with 6 plants; 5 perennials and a herb called Rue, which I need to look up. Raining and quite windy when we got home so covered toms and peppers with a sheet of fleece.

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    Planted out lots of Golden Beetroot module babies as well as another six clumps of Paris Silverskin onions, brother came over & donated me a dozen or so red onion sets so planted those too, planted out 6 pea seedlings & poked spikey hedge trimmings in around them in an effort to prevent them being eaten by pigeons also earthed up the spuds.
    keen but (slightly less) clueless

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