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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    near farnham surrey


    Today i visited my plot at the allotment, i pulled 6 leeks to use during the week.Next i pulled back the weed suppresant covering and shovelled a bit of compost and growmore on the piece of ground i want to plant my onions shallots and garlic in, ready to dig in tommorow.which i will plant up in a couple of weeks.Realised much of the plot was water logged, not hard to notice when your foot dissapers up to your shin in mud.\also potted some more leek seeds and some peppers, chilli seeds to. then back to the t.v.
    a good put down line to use !

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    Yesterday I moved three of my linkabord raised beds into the polytunnel and filled them with last year's potato compost (after picking out the remaining little potatoes) and added some chicken pellets. Had a nice surprise and found enough potatoes in one of the potato sacks for dinner today (thought I had harvested them all). Covered the beds with fleece to warm up a bit before I plant anything in them. Then I took the top couple of inches of two of the other raised beds (unfortunately my cats have used them as litters over the winter), replaced soil with some more of last years potato compost and covered with hoops and fleece (to warm up and keep cats off).

    Today I hope to do the remaining 2 beds the same way, clean the glass in the greenhouse and get some more broadies started.
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    Yesterday I put my shallots and some of the onion sets in modules in the greenhouse to get a bit of root on without being hoiked out by birds.
    This morning I spent about 3 hours with our Britian in Bloom group planting spring bulbs. Yes, very late but we got a huge amount given free by the council - we liked the price! I'm sure they'll settle in and flower next year at the usual time.
    Rummaging in the cold frame I found the cuttings I'd taken of variegated box in early December. They were looking fine and dandy, I don't expect roots just yet but they look like they'll make it. Free again!
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    This morning I went to the potato day at Ryton and got all my seed potatoes. I also took a whole heap of seeds for the seed swap and managed to resist coming away with toooooo many others.

    Bought another pack of wood for on the way home and went straight down to the Hill to start building the second of the 8 planned raised beds.

    Here's a pic of the one I did yesterday.

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    Mar 2006
    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    Did nothing today as it was fairly miserable.
    Cold and wet last evening with gale force winds, but I managed to sow my onion seeds.
    Sowed red, yellow and an irish heritage variety called Baun.

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    Oct 2008
    Stirling, Scotland


    It snowed last night and then started pouring with rain, so didn't get to go out into the garden! Rubbish, I did re-pot my new Raspberry canes and Blackcurrant plant into 10L buckets though.

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    Durham. Pink Panther territory


    Had a comparatively dry and fruitful weekend. Today, I was given and had to tote away, a water barrel with holes in the bottom to be used for growing long carrots and parsnips, a heavy garden bench with cast iron ends which just needs a few of the lats replacing, some 4 foot lengths of pipe (once again for growing carrots!), some sheets of fluted glass. I WILL eventually finish glasing my third greenhouse but other things are taking priority at the mo.
    Mixed together some cement and sand and just about finished my cold frame and raised seedbed, all made from breeze blocks that I dug up on my once derelict plots!
    Made the mistake of letting the chooks out to free range on the lottie whilst I was there........BAAAAAD MOVE!! They were jumping in the cold frame when I was tring to build it, pecking at the cement, and wallowing in the wheelbarrow full of sand. They had a particular penchant for my Cardoon which I haven't got covered yet. They finally escaped into next doors allotment and that's when the fun started when I had to catch em!
    Anyway, chopped some logs and kept the woodburner going all day to air the greenhouse............numerouse cups of coffee,hot chocolate and bovril kept me warm whilst I pottered in the greenhouse. Took some basal cutting of some Chrysanths which I took home to grow on in the propagator until they root. I usually find they root better without hormone rooting powder somehow?
    Spread some tatties out to chit and covered them with polystyrene sheet, the type used under laminate flooring.

    Yesterday I loaded the landrover up with sand (for chooks to wallow in and to make and cement) an old door and a door casing I need for a project I have at the lottie. I also loaded an old (very old) witches cauldron with a crack in the bottom which is going in the centre of my herb wheel with a Bay tree (which I've had for a couple of years) planted in the middle with bulbs around it.
    The planned project is to make use of some doors I was given by trying to make them look 'not like an eyesore' of a hexagon shaped hut or chook house or even an arbour facing my herb wheel to sit in on my newly scrounged seat. I'll knock it together first to get an impression of how it looks and if it's an eyesore I'll have to resort to plan B, then C, then D Lol
    I need to take the landy back again soon as there is a load of broken glass from the recent storms that I need to dispose of.

    Here endeth the first chapter!
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

    Diversify & prosper

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    I moved the old tin bath which had previosly been planted up with parsnips to a new location. Planted a clematis in it that had become pot bound. Needed to move the bath as new raised bed is going in it's place.
    Whilst digging the tin bath over came across some tiddly parsnips and a few big ones.
    Made a start on the raised bed which used to be part of the pond that we took out last year. Dug up some of the plants and moved them to new homes. Started to clear, found loads of slabs and rocks that had been hidden underneath.
    Spent the rest of the time clearing a dwarf bamboo, roots everywhere.
    The bed when finished will be used for pea's and beans.

    Made some more labells from recycled milk bottles (Plastic). I use these with a permanent marker pen. Cheap!

    Made a spread sheet of all the seeds in the seed box, so I know what I have and which ones to use first.

    Updated 23rd February 2009

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