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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Sown some more sweet peas. Pricked out lemon and opal basil. Sown cucumbers - market more, burpless tasty green, crystal lemon and restina. All tucked up in cosy propagator. Restina I got from Lidl after reading good reviews on the vine so I will be planting this one outside at a later date.
    Sown another variety of melon - Emir F1 never tried it before so will be interested to see how I get on. Sown Thyme (Purple Creeping). Sown some more flowers - Scarlet Flax and Viola - Hobbiton. Watered pots in garden as they had started to dry out. Blue Berry bushes are starting to unfurl their leaves. Need to do lots of pricking out.

    Updated 23rd February 2009

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    warm today - too hot in the tunnel to spend much time in there, so emptied the compost "dalek" and the heap, dug bean trenches and filled them with lovely compost and rotting veg matter.

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    windy east coast, sandy soil



    - plastic greenhouses all steamy at 7am, so opened the doors for the day
    - watered the 50 odd pots of seeds on my windowsills
    - watered the 100s of pea seedlings that are ready to go on the lotty this w/e, plus everything else in the 3 plastic greenhouses (used half a water butt)
    - transplanted some white foxgloves & geranium phaeum from lotty to my shady border
    - picked a dozen tender crunchy radishes from an October sowing, also kale sprouts, PSB & pak choi
    - planted out 2 dozen pea seedlings, to grow up chicken wire
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    Before being summoned home to take over babysitting duties I sowed the following in the tunnel
    1080 x Cabbage Primo
    1080 x Cauliflower Snowball
    370 x Brussel Sprouts Diablo
    108 x Swiss Chard
    220 x Florence Fennel Rudy
    54 x Cabbage Red Drumhead

    Going back out tonight after Niamh is settled.

    British by birth
    Scottish by the Grace of God

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    Georgeous day today, in the veg patch i sowed two short rows of Parsnips (Gladiator). In the GH i potted on 7 Garten Pearl and 2 San Marzano Tomatoes, also sowed 2 Marketmore Cucumber, 2 Sunburst Bushmarrow, 2 Zuchini F1 Courgette and a small tub of Parmex Carrots. Will go back out again a bit later & water all my pots as everything is looking really parched, both my waterbutts are empty already!
    keen but (slightly less) clueless

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    Whited my sepulchre! I thought I'd better tidy my own front garden after spending time the last 4 weekends working on the village flower beds. The Britain in Bloom judges are coming tomorrw afternoon - and they're meeting at our house!

    Sowed 4 oca tubers - kind grape swap! They will join my in-and-out of the greenhouse brigade.
    Whoever plants a garden believes in the future. Updated March 9th - Spring

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    Today I have sown:
    Runner Bean Flamenco in modules
    Borlotti Beans direct and in modules
    Parmex Carrot direct
    Sugarsnax Carrot direct
    Greek Basil in pot
    Honesty direct
    Cornflower mix Direct
    Californian Poppy Jellybeans Direct
    Lianthus Direct
    Cottage Garden annual mix Direct
    Centaurea Dairy Maid & The Bride Direct
    Italian salad leaf mix Direct
    Asparagus Pea in modules

    Planted spring onions in raised bed also red and green cos lettuce. Lined and filled wooden veg crate with compost for Parmex carrots. Filled mangetout raised bed with manure and compost and put wigwam in place. Filled hollow wall with compost ready for dwarf peas. Put canes in to deter two pigeons who were eyeing up my broad beans but need to buy taller canes so that I can string them together.

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    Today I sowed Dwarf French Beans, Tumbling Toms, and mixed flowers for bees (the free ones from Blue Peter).

    I also took some photos of my seedlings for the record.

    Mixed Leaf (Lettuce Mix)

    Sowed 29/03/09, Heated Propagator, I was amazed how quickly these germinated... there are even taller ones.

    Spring Onion (White Lisbon)

    Sowed 23/03/09 taken at 5x magnification.
    Really pleased to see signs of life here! Sowed stright into a 10" pot and currently inside my growhouse.

    Cos Lettuce (Little Gem)

    Sowed 11/03/09, growhouse.
    A little one just sprouting playing catchup to its big brothers.

    Mixed Leaf (Italian Mix)

    Sowed 15/03/09. Got a whole window box of this stuff. I plan to interplant it with Lollo Rossa which I only recently sowed in modules in the growhouse on 28/03.

    Looking forward to more things germinating and sprouting!

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