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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Oct 2005
    Tain, Easter Ross
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    Sowed up lots of pots of basil, lemon basil, purple basil, coriander and chives for selling as living plants.
    At estate garden, sowed more basil, coriander, chives also Spring onions, leeks, sunflowers, lettuce and a tray of CCA Rocket.
    Started clearing another area of ivy and nettles (and branches, and scrap metal, and old fencewire) ready to sow with a wildflower mix.

    British by birth
    Scottish by the Grace of God

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    Mar 2009
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    Didn't do anything in the garden as I was feeling yucky but had to go into town to have a blood test so I went to poundland. I bought some white plastic covered metal lawn edgers that I will put round my raised beds tomorrow. I also got some tomato food, general food for veggies, slug pellets that are children and pet safe, some netting and some garden bags. Also got an email from the person on Ebay that I bought all my jiffy pots from and garde canes and some seeds, they have been posted. Then I got a call from CPL to say that the order that I had placed for Fish blood and bone, chicken manure pellets and gro bags will be delivered next week and sorry for the delay.

    I'd ordered this for my dad in February before he'd passed and I'd completely forgot about it. Its a shame the FBB won't be here in time for planting my potatoes but there's always next year.

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    Mar 2008
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    Today I have a bit of time in the garden, cut the grass, sow a row of carrots in big raised bed. Watered everything in the greenhouse. Cabbage, spinach, kale all coming on well in pop up coldframe.

    Sown: Lettuce: Little Gem, A.Y.R, Mixed Salad Leaves, Radicchio, Chartwell.
    Flowers: Rudbeckia - Home saved seed from last year, Gloriosa Daisies, Irish Spring, Poppy - Pink Dawn and Bunny Tails - Grass.
    Prepared root trainers ready for next Moon Day for French Beans, Runner Beans and some more peas.

    Updated 23rd February 2009

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    Glutton4...'s Avatar
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    Sep 2008
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    Today I planted Carrots, Salad onions (seed), Red and White Onions (sets), Garlic, Shallots and Horseradish - running out of room now - need more beds!
    All the best - Glutton 4 Punishment
    Freelance shrub butcher and weed removal operative.

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    HayleyB's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Near St Neots, Cambs/Beds border


    Today I hoed my brassica bed and leek bed ready for when planting out, weeded my onions, beans and peas.
    Sowed about 30 Striped stuffer toms and about 40 odd yellow perfections.
    Planted my Swifts in three bags
    Sprayed my chilli, aubergine, pepper and beefy tom seedlings with water but kept them in as it was a bit too chilly out today. Running out of room in the conservatory

    Need to get around to my tumbling toms and leeks very very soon
    Hayley B

    John Wayne's daughter, Marisa Wayne, will be competing with my Other Half, in the Macmillan 4x4 Challenge (in its 10th year) in March 2011, all sponsorship money goes to Macmillan Cancer Support, please sponsor them at'

    An Egg is for breakfast, a chook is for life

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    Twinkle's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    County Clare - Ireland


    bought some more onion sets and shallot sets as there was a gap in my onion bed - planted them

    weeded the asparagus bed and couldn't resist a naughty little poke around in the soil where I know there's a root..... teeny little white spears. Yes, I know I shouldn't poke about in the soil... Bad Twinkle

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    bubblewrap's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Loughborough (Twinned with Legoland)


    Yesterday got spuds in, dug bean trench & put up bean fence.
    The river Trent is lovely, I know because I have walked on it for 18 years.
    Brian Clough

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    Snadger's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Durham. Pink Panther territory


    Salvaged wood chippings from proposed chook run area to patch up other areas on my paths.
    Because some of my new chooks have feathered legs I have decided to lay paving on run area so they don't get all clarty!

    Progressed a little bit more with the chook run until I jammed one finger and hit another with the hammer........decided enough was enough and headed home!
    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

    Diversify & prosper

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