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Thread: What I Did Today Archive 2009

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    Apr 2008
    Gloucester, UK


    Dug half a new patch at the allotment (for brassicas) and planted out the caulis I had overwintered at home. (All The Year Round)

    Sowed millions of seeds at home, some direct into the flowerbeds, some in the mini-GH and some in some nifty new windowsill-shaped (unheated) propagators I purchased at the GC this morning:

    # Coriander – direct
    # Land cress – direct (into outdoor container)
    # Blackeyed Susan (blushing susie) – mini-GH
    # PSB (early rudolph) – miniGH
    # Crown & Sceptres broccoli – miniGH
    # Summer savory – windowsill propagator
    # Perpetual spinach – windowsill prop
    # Chard (bright lights) – windowsill prop
    # Canterbury Bells (Chelsea mixed) – windowsill prop
    # Thyme – windowsill prop
    # Calendula (Orange king) – windowsill prop
    # Nasturtiums (mixture) – windowsill prop
    # Cucumber (Konsa) – windowsill prop
    # Courgette (Gold Rush) – windowsill prop

    Also noticed that the Brussels sprouts and caulis I sowed last week are pretty much through now. yay!

    The reason for the trip to the GC was to get a heated propagator. So I got that and set it up with the physalis, mini-bell peppers and melons that I sowed a week or so ago but did not have anywhere warm to put them. (doh)

    Oh, and I noticed that the fishtank trick is working for my other peppers (Gypsy) as although they are growing very slowly they are definitley moving and I am up to 3 seedlings now from 10 seeds sown. Yay!
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    Nov 2007


    Spent a good 3.5hrs in the garden today, not exactly sure why i was out there so long but managed to Plant out in the new shrub bed a big bush thing "rescued" from my brothers that has orange berries on in the winter (can't remember the name!!) and a Yellow flowered shrub (also can't remember the name! Planted out about a dozen Fox Gloves down in the wildlife garden donated from my parents, and another freebie shrubby thing! Pottered around in the greenhouse & dug out quite a few Strawberry plants from my tower that performed poorly last year and re-potted them in a trough & shallow pot. Left remaining plants in the tower to soak over night in diluted seaweed feed before re-filling it & planting a couple more in it.
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    Jul 2008
    near farnham surrey


    today went down to plot and pulled the last five leeks, then dug the area cver ready for use later. then dug area for the mange toute put up canes netting and put some slug pots out.then found i had forgoten to bring the flippin plants with me,so drive back home to get them.return plant them out pick a handfull of broccolli from the surviving plants with fellow lottie neihbour and promptly lost brownie points when i told him the results of the motor racing he was going to watch in the afternoon.went home and lastly watered the seedlings in my mini green houses, and managed to spill petrol on the rosemary seeds sowed.
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    May 2008


    Yesterday sowed Red Beard Onion from seed.
    Planted some garlic cloves.
    Sowed a few spring onions.
    Sowed some parsnips with radishes in the same row (radishes should be done and dusted by the time the parsnips are doing anything exciting).
    The previous Sunday I planted my Setton onion sets.
    Am about to start sowing some tomato seeds and peas.
    Ordered a couple of cloches and some fleece on ebay so I can get my spuds outside - had a hard frost last night.
    Exciting thing today is I am going to harvest my forced rhubarb and make a lovely pink sorbet! Mmmm!

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    May 2008


    Just got my asparagus crowns in - they need quite a bit of space (and time) dont they?

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    Feb 2009
    North Yorks


    Yesterday I planted 20 seed potatoes in various pots and bags. I sowed some peas, spring onions, beetroots and a few cabbages. I also pricked out my tomatoes and peppers. And transferred my spring onions from their modules to a large container.

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    Jan 2009
    Farnham, Surrey


    Today I fitted netfloat grids in pond in attempt to stop the Heron thinking its his breakfast bar! Fixed some hooks for hanging baskets onto fence posts and also found a suitable location for my solitary bee house and fitted that as well. Put bumble bee house in amongst some dense foliage in flower border. Fixed vine eyes to trellis ready for wire to be attached. Thinned out Mizuna, cos and Lolla Rossa lettuces.

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    Mar 2009
    Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England


    I planted the asparagus in the garden, and runner beans, "Sultana", in little pots for germinating in the greenhouse.

    My photos at Webshots

    Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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