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    I removed the last of the Ruth Bible and Bird's Egg climbing beans to finish drying indoors (weather forecast iffy this week here) and took down the canes to bring home. Got them on newspaper in a sunny place. (The bean pods, not the canes!)
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    On Saturday i edged, hoe'd, weeded & generally tidied up one half of the veg patch - looks MUCH improved! Nearly died off several times when i inadvertently grabbed a handful of big fat Toad with my weeds - there are two huge ones living in one of my 2 veg beds & they seems to be doing a fab job this year as not been bothered by slugs much at all! Tidied up the greenhouse too as it was beginning to resemble a bombsite, found another toad living in there but relocated him as couldn't see there much to sustain him.
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    Jun 2007


    Painted shed
    Put up comfrey and nettle tea strainers [will post photo on blog page this week].
    Burn more blighted toms

    Generally cleared up stuff, and harvesting beans, last of the toms etc.

    Cucumbers and courgettes still growing like crazy though.

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    I got home from holiday and am in need of a bit of a rant... we've been to the US for 18 days and we must have had some sun and not much rain here because the pots were all dry, the grass has grown a lot, the honeysuckle has gawn' sprawling over next doors fence and the nasturtiums have gotten really large (we should have pulled them before we left). There are blackfly all over the gladioli and my poor potted fern looks like it is dead (I've put it into a container full of water). My Lilac too was in dire need of a long drink. Indoors there is a mountain of post to open, the cats have left mucky footprints and fur everywhere (we had someone to come in each day to feed them and clean the litter but not to hoover, wipe or water the garden). Who said 'its nice to go travelling but its so much nicer to come home'? Obviously whoever it was had a housekeeper. I know I'm moaning and I shouldn't, we're really lucky to have been able to go on such a nice trip. Its the jetlag. Its 5 am in the morning for me though the correct time is one pm. DH has gone to bed for a couple of hours but I'm trying to ride it out till UK 9.00pm. I will feel better after a nights sleep but I feel really bad for my poor garden, like I have abandoned and neglected it - its never been left 'alone' for more that a couple of days before and its my first one too. I feel guilty. I will make sure in future that we have someone to nurture it as well as the cats. Poor thing. I just didn't know so much could happen at this time of year. Before we went away it was all slowing down, and it had rained a lot. I think this has been my first lesson of my first year.

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    Sorted chooks..........pulled up remaining sweetcorn which have come good in the end..........pulled up my french bean plants which haven't, and after adding some horse muck planted 40 garlic cloves in the same area!
    Took home three small sweetheart cabbages, a bag of large toms,half a dozen eggs(freshly laid), some leiu of the beans i was supposed to bring home for dinner..........oh yes and two large onions!
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    Somehow 3kg of plums, 3kg of apples plus sugar and cider vinegar reduced to 7 1lb jars of plum and apple chutney.

    After yesterdays efforts in pulling up the 60 odd sweetcorn stems, pulling a trug of finger carrots to can and bringing in 23 assorted pumpkin and winter squash from the car boot its wine and pork pie time.

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    accepted that my Christmas new spuds had caught blight from those naughty Toms and got rid

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    Quote Originally Posted by kentvegplot View Post
    Removed some tomatoes from tunnel, picked last pumpkin. Talked to butternuts to ask them to ripen , please. Picked another 2lb of tomatoes from 'Ferline' outside, a bit green but they'll ripen indoors fine. Probably last of the courgettes too - roasted 'marrow' with lunch. Cut down some more of the leylandii to make way for a fruit cage. Put some tomato seed in to ferment.
    How and why do you ferment Tomato seeds?

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