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Thread: The 'What I Did Today' Archive - 2006

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    Got on the plot again today and built up 4 more arches to go over the centre path with each end pushed into the edge of a raised bed. This now gives a grand total of eight.

    Growing upwards with things such a beans, cucumbers, cucuzze and the like gives a better use of space.

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    Well in my head, the growing season is here. I've been to lottie to weed my onions/garlic and broad beans, plus take rubbish to the composter.

    I've also been to the garden centre to by more seed trays/plugs plus compost and some white onion seeds (Ailsa craig) as I only had red. Came home and planted 3 trays of onions and started some leeks in toilet rolls. Quite a productive day considering its persisted down all day.

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    Well it all started today.

    I managed to go through the seed tin & sowed two lots of Cauli's, Mammoth Red Onions & some Dwarf Munstead Lavender. Very satisfying.
    Never be afraid to try something new.
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    Default The 'What I Did Today' Archive - 2006

    The 'What I Did Today' is something of an institution on the Grapevine, having started and run continuously since 2006. At nearly 7 years old (at the time of writing this) it had grown to over 300 pages, and was becoming difficult to browse. So we have decided to separate the posts into a thread for each year, and put them into the Archive for ease of use, keeping only the current and previous year in the active thread.

    This thread is for the first year of 'What I Did Today', 2006.

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