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Thread: Obtaining Purer Seed from Chillies

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    I'm a new member and WOW, this is really interesting! Are you concerned about cross pollination with other types of chilies? I'm not very knowledgeable about growing chilies. I have been trying some of the milder types with fairly good success. Hadn't really thought about cross pollination issues until I spotted this forum. You've given me something to consider, since my DH would like to try a couple of the "hotter" varieties this year. Thanks

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    Welcome to the Vine

    Chillis cross pollinate so if we are saving seed, we have to isolate each flower to stop the insects moving pollen around - if it's just for eating then there's no need to do this.

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    Here's a dumb question or two...

    The sealed flower will self-polinate? Does it need tapping, or anything? I think I gently tapped my stems last year to encourage pollination, was this unnecessary?

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    Excellent tip! Thanks for sharing.

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