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Thread: Sowing suggestions - January

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    Quote Originally Posted by OberonK View Post
    Hi all,

    I'm very new here, took on half an allotment a month or so ago. This thread is great for a proper soil virgin!

    For those of you saying they're starting things off indoors, my problem is no airing cupboard and a house that isn't doubleglazed - the kitchen is usually subzero in the morning! Am I looking at having to get a heated propogator, or are there any other suggestions? I'm sure the change in temperature in the rest of the house can't be good for plants.
    Hi Oberon! Just wanted to say welcome to the Vine.

    Sounds like you should treat the house like a giant cold-frame! Really knowledgeable people should be along to help you. Possibly a heated propagator would be a good idea if the house is that cold.

    In the meatime, could you plant things in pots and make mini-cloches out of plastic drinks bottles?
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    Oberonk you could also try putting clear plastic bags over the pots (sandwich bags etc) then put an elastic band round the pot to keep in place. Acts like a mini greenhouse environment

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdgas View Post
    Have you tried a layer of vermiculite over the top of the compost?

    It should stop the gnats from getting into the soil to lay their eggs.

    Alternatively a layer of sand also does the same thing but it'll also stop the flies hatched from larve from getting out as well so they'll die in the soil.
    Ooh that's a fab idea, will try that - thanks a lot

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    I have a packet of peas that says they are ok to go out in January. I might give them a go.
    We plant the seed, nature grows the seed, we eat the seed - Neil, The Young Ones
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    More broadies next week, and I'm going to go through the brassicas and see if any are ok for an early sowing. Possibly not, but maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadylane View Post
    Ooh that's a fab idea, will try that - thanks a lot
    Glad to help.

    If you use vermiculite it needs to be about 1-2 cm's deep I would guess.

    Also worth bearing in mind that, if you come to pot on, the chillis will have probably sent out roots into the vermiculite from the extra stem that has been buried so just be aware of this when re-potting.

    Not sure about depths using sand or whether the chilli will try to root into it (I'd guess it probably would) as I've only read about using sand on the internet. Vermiculite worked for me so I've not seen fit to do anything different.

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    Just sown into individual modules, Calabrese Ironman and Aquiles, and cauliflowers Avalanche, Graffiti and Mayflower. I also have some autumn sown ones, which have been overwintering in a polytunnel, but wanted to compare and see if there is much difference in harvest time/size. They will all be grown on inside, before making way for a later crop.

    A few more peas and B.beans and some leeks, Zermatt for babies, B.H Ardea for earlies and Flextan for mains.

    Also Sweetpeas as I didn't get around to it in the Autumn

    All indoors at the mo, but not very warm!

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    My January sowing has been some onion seeds into modules, currently upstairs in the attic room (but due to go into the mini g/h as soon as I get off my lazy bum), and some leeks & lettuce seed in pots on the kitchen windowsill.

    These will go into the mini g/h too, once germinated.

    Also sweetpeas into rootrainers,
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