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Thread: Sowing suggestions - January

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    Onion & Toms are in the greenhouse (geminated). Chillis & Cauli are on kitchen paper in conservatory & Leeks are in poly bag in compost (awaiting germination).Trial & error on different gemination methods.
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    I have sown many chilli's and will soon be sowing tomatoes. I have found a bulb of garlic that is sprouting either shoots or roots, but I'm waiting for advice on how best to plant it and which way up

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    onion seeds and in modules in the propogator - ONLY till they germinate, then they are out and into the unheated GH;
    sowed cauli today into seed tray with compost/vermiculite mix - in slightly warm conservatory;
    same for alpine strawberry seeds (kindly given by a fellow grape);
    sowed 9 sweetpeas into toilet roll tubes on windowsill of same slightly warm conservatory...

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    Deffo chillies,may sow some sweet peppers(don't know yet)

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    Got onions sown in loo rolls in kitchen until germinated then to conservatory then to greenhouse.
    Broad beans in loo rolls in greenhouse.
    Borage in pots in greenhouse.
    Still got chillies to sow.

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    Warrington, Cheshire


    Will be sowing some chillies, aubergines and onions at the weekend (probably) by which time the potting compost I've brought in from the shed may have defrosted!), some sweet peppers at the end of the month and some an experiment with some early summer caulis, cabbages and peas which will be grown under cover. Oh yes and some alpine strawberries.

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    I've also bought my seed potatoes; I would usually wait but the ones I wanted were not being stocked [so I thought] so I bit the butler and ordered them last week and picked them up yesterday.

    I'm going to chit only a few; to get them started and leave the rest. This will hopefully mean an earlier harvest for the chitted ones but main crops don't need chitting so why take up good space with them?

    The potatoes I'm growing are Kestrel and Amorosa. The Kestrels give good little earlies so I'm chitting about 12 of those only.

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    ' ... so I bit the butler'
    Not like you, Andrea to get violent with servants!
    I have got my potatoes too - small bag of Pentland Javelins and another of Desiree - all I could find that I fancied in the GC.
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