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Thread: The Allium Thread

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    I'm a bit surprised that your onions have flopped over because at 5 cms, they should still be at the loop stage which is the ideal point for pricking out. Have you let them get too dry or is your heated propogator set too hot. If the plants have been stressed by getting too hot or too dry, the likelihood is that they will bolt. I would resow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Bluestar View Post
    Ah well, back to the potting shed. Better be safe than sorry.
    As it is Feb - I'd sow but not put them in the heated prop - well, possibly a few but I'd leave the rest to germinate just somewhere warm like a kitchen worktop....they really only need the heat when it is too cold for them.

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    Hey, sorry to post in here if it's the wrong place, but here's my problem - I'm growing onions for the first time this year, Red Baron from sets, in containers, and they appear to be being eaten (google tells me probably onion root fly?). I was wondering what you do about this, if anything, and if it's worth letting the bulbs that were nommed on but are now vacant get bigger? I would appreciate any advice you could provide

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    Attachment 52394anyone in here grown Allium Vineale before? Known as Crow Garlic/wild garlic (not ramsons)

    wiki link

    I discovered it when mowing allotment paths and smelt garlic. I noticed these chive like plants that eventually grew purple flower heads with bulbils, so took some bulbils and also transplanted some bulbs to a different bed to see if they would grow which they did.

    Just looking for any general tips or guidance. Not bothered if they dont work, but I think they might as the bulbils have started sprouting in the envelope I put them in.

    In america it's considered an invasive weed

    edit: see attached image for shot of the harvested plant
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    I've read this thread from front to back and some absolutely wonderful advice given, however, most of the posts are from way "Down South" and I was wondering on planting times for way "Up North". This will be the first year I will try shallot sets in my raised bed (Golden Gourmet) and noticed that some people have them planted out already!! Would that work up here in Moray? Another question, I had my first go at onion sets last season (Stuttgarter Giant) and although they set of like the clappers of Hell suddenly they started falling over way before maturity. On inspection I saw what appeared to be "nibbles" out of the bulbs. Would this be slugs?? I saw nothing on the underside of the bulb when lifted. At the same time I planted the same variety of onion from seed in a border. They seemed to quetly die back but looking at them now they appear to have sprung back to life. Will they be ok edible wise? Thanks guys!

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