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Thread: Top Tips

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    make as much liquid feed as you can now - pick nettles now when they are plentiful. nettle liquid feed is high in nitrogen.
    seaweed liquid feed has a lot of minor nutrients
    manure feed is another good feed
    comfrey liquid feed is brilliant its high in potash .if gardeners could only make one liquid feed the comfrey feed would be the best choice
    the containers used to make liquid feeds should have tight fitting lids ,because the only down side for homemade liquid feed is that everyone of them smell bad.
    for the organic gardener using the above liquid will cater for every plants needs
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    one years weed is seven years seed

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    use canes or thin sticks to stack up plastic bottle cloches, stick them in the ground, then thread on the bottles. Keeps them out of the way and to hand.
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