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Thread: Top Tips

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    For dill lovers:
    As the dill has shallow root system,don't waste the space into sowing the seeds separately.Take deeper meat tray(reusing),drill some holes at the bottom for drainage,fill with compost and water well.Make shallow holes in the compost about 2 inches apart and put small pinch of seeds into every hole covering with a bit of damp compost.Depending on the size of the trays,you'll get BUNCHES of dill ready to use.
    The trays can be sown in succession,allowing you to enjoy your dill all summer and well into autumn.Don't let the tray to dry off completely and water regularly.

    Try some new tatties(whole),served hot with dill,bit of butter and cucumber salad on the side

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    I always use a sprinkle of compost on the rows and then water it in before sowing seeds there. And then sprinkle compost on the top along the row.

    It a) helps to stop them blowing away as sticks to the damp compost, and b) as the compost is darker than the soil it helps to see where the rows are.

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    Default Run out of loo roll middles?

    Supply and demand being unequal in my household, and desperate to get my early peas off to a flying start, I hit upon the fact that my mother only drinks mineral water (don't ask -she obviously has money to burn!), and that as a consequence her recycling bags were groaning with 500ml clear plastic water bottles. Cut both ends off, stand upright in supermarket mushroom trays, fill with compost and Bob's yer uncle, root trainers that are much more robust than loo roll innards.
    When it comes to planting out, slit down two sides (my bottles are square - Highland Spring - if you're interested) and ease out root ball. The used bottles can then find their way into the recycling. Happy peas, happy mother, happy me!

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    run out of window cill?
    hang a string across the top of your window,you can even use the two hooks for your net curtains.
    get resealable ziplock food bags and place compost in the bottom corner.
    sow seed or insert cutting into compost.
    use washing peg to attach to string.
    if you use this for cuttings you can see the roots through the bag and know they have taken.
    no need to water as the bag is sealed,and double the length of your window cill,if you feel adventurous you could put up multiple strings
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    Save up 2ltr and 3ltr pop bottles. Cut them in have and put holes in the bottom of the bottom half. Pop them over the top of your lettuces at night - slug free lettuces!
    Charlie x
    "Erm, if you havn't got anything on that windowsill, can I use the space?"

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    Earthing up !
    Instead of earthing up with earth around the potato plants, use fresh compost, not only does it work well, you add more nutrients and bulk to your plot.
    Freelance Photographer

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    Use guttering as a seed tray... (ideal if you have surplus new or for recycling old). Can be cut to the length of your windowsill if keeping seelings indoors, or to fit your greenhouse bench. And when it comes to planting out, if you get the spacings right when sowing you can just slide the whole row out of the guttering and into position in the bed!

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    Default Growbags

    When using growbags for your toms, rather than plant into them laid flat, grab the bag in the middle so the growing medium is divided into 2 and cut across the bag, leaving you with 2 bags that are taller than the bag laid flat. This means you can plant your toms deeper to establish a better root system which will mean a better uptake of nutrients
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