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Thread: Germination Temperatures

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    silver birch is offline Germinator
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    Thanks 2 sheds - that's really handy! Let's you know what you can and can't get away with.

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    2 sheds that list is FAB
    do you have one for minimum growing temps????
    Thank you!

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    I water my parsley seeds in with freshly-boiled water from the kettle when sowing outdoors - they may have a low minimum temperature for germination but they take ages to get around to it unless you give them a kick up the backside! (A bit like men and chores - maybe that's why parsley only germinates for women who wear the trousers... )

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    The aim of my thread was to show that you really don't need to give everything heat to get it started ... and once things have germinated you can usually cool them down a bit anyway, eg out of the propagator and into an unheated greenhouse.

    I try to grow things slow and hard (don't spoil them) not fast and floppy.

    NB* I'm not talking about greenhouse crops like tomatoes and chillies, aubergines etc because I don't grow them. Me mam does for me. I mean outside stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by Two_Sheds View Post
    I try to grow things slow and hard (don't spoil them) not fast and floppy.
    sort of treat em mean keep em keen eh!...sorry, won't let this descend in to euphemisms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Two_Sheds
    I try to grow things slow and hard (don't spoil them) not fast and floppy.
    But if you grow some things slow, then you run the risk of never getting any return? Aubergines and peppers need long growing seasons.

    Anyway, each to their own, start 'em quick harden 'em off later (ok that doesn't scan!).
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    There is a happy medium between slow and hard and fast and floppy - that's the point at which best germination and growth occurs at a steady rate. It isn't just dependent upon the soil temperature, but what you do when the seedlings are up.

    There is an obsession with getting things to germinate as fast as possible but there's no point if the light or air temperature are completely unsuitable.

    Equally, you have to realise that minimum temperatures will mean many of your seeds just won't make it.

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    Feb 2008
    Whitefield, Manchester


    When I first decided to start growing my on veggies I got really worried about the temp/germination thing and in the end I just put all my pots and trays on my windowsil and that was all they got appart from water. I sowed strawberries, tomatoes, courgettes, butternut squash, sunburst squash, aubergines, chilies, peppers, herbs, and peas and every one of them has germinated and if I do say so myself is looking rather good.
    Infact most germinated after a week and at the most 2. My house isnt that hot.
    However the proof is in the pudding, lets see what happens at cropping time!!
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