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Thread: Best/worst/weirdest thing ever found on an allotment

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    ldsau93 is offline Seedling
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    Mar 2013
    Bristol (South West England)

    Default Best/worst/weirdest thing ever found on an allotment

    just for fun....

    I found on my allotment:

    Best: 200 sq. metres of beautiful, stone free soil
    Worst: 200 sq. metres of bramble/weeds/dug in plastic sheeting/rusty metal. Inhabited by Sloe worms that give me the jeebies.
    Weirdest: Front wheel from an industrial road-roller

    Plus: The area I'm in was heavily bombed during WWII. I keep thinking (during heavy digging sessions) that i'm going to come across a hitherto undiscovered unexploded bomb.... (though if it did go off it would save a job digging all of that clay...)
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    I've old thread
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    Best- a greenhouse and shed

    Worst- several piles of human poo

    Weirdest - a really, really old and large tree trunk which was slowly emerging from the peat bog beneath ( yup, waaay to big to remove and smack in the middle of the main beds.)
    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

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    msbehavin is offline Germinator
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    Sep 2016


    Having only recently taken over mine and managed to clear the 2-3 ft high weeds I found

    Worst - pop bottles containing human urine, poo disposal bags containing poo of unknown variety, a large dead something (I turned away when the helper on the plot held it up by one end and said 'this has been dead some time!'), a wasp nest in the shed...

    Best - a shed, a front door with a number (entry to the plot), three garden chairs, five baths, fruit trees, a rhubarb patch, honeysuckle, a rosemary bush, a 12 ft long raised wooden bed and a metal safe which will be turned into a table/storage unit.

    It was a great few weeks finding something new every time a few more feet of plot were cleared of weeds.

    Now my 'treasures' are popped over the privet by my neighbours and I'm doing rather well with those too!
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    ESBkevin is offline Tuber
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    Jun 2015
    Mid Suffolk


    Worst - Previous occupier had cleaned up and put all the weeds in carrier bags. These were then tossed on the compost heap. Over a couple of years they broke down and pulling bits of fragmented plastic out was a job I really didn't enjoy. Plastic of all sorts about the plot (pots, labels, toys, chairs, bags, torn netting etc). I hate plasic in my soil.
    Best - We got 5 huge rhubarb crowns, two goosberry bushes and a dozen or so raspberry canes.

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    bobbin is offline Rooter
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    Feb 2008
    West Sussex


    This thread made me laugh as my lottie neighbour has just unearthed
    .....1/2lb of Country life butter from his plot. 8 inches down as he dug up couch grass! It smelt 100% ok .
    Some animal has expensive taste.

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