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Thread: Allotment increase - is it legal

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    Default Allotment increase - is it legal

    Our allotments are paid for in arrears in September for the year. We have had notice that the fee due is 25% more than expected. Does anyone know if this is legal? The increase amount is small (£3) but I'm annoyed it is not a notice for the increase for next year. My theory is if I picked up a loaf of bread marked at £1.20 and when at the till was charged £1.50. It wouldn't be right. If you see what I mean.
    I have sent a cheque with an explanation of why I have paid the original amount not the increased fee but it was returned as unacceptable.
    Any ideas, thoughts and suggestions gratefully received.


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    What does your contract say?

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    £3 a year?..................Try £3 a week..............P.S Welcome to the vine.
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    You get one guess :)


    Hi and welcome to the vine

    I can see why you are annoyed and it is naughty you weren't advised but for £3 it isn't worth losing your plot over. You couldn't go to the supermarket eat a £1 cake then pay 12 months later (and there could have been a price increase)

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    It´s a losing battle, not really worth it over 3 pounds. Maybe write a little note explaining your concerns and how they should have put up a notice etc but not worth the stress and worry. Think about the time you will waste, probably hours and nobody is paying you for that time.

    P.s welcome to the vine
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    I'm surprised you pay in arrears. What's to stop someone using the plot for a year and then scarpering before the rent is due? We pay In March for the coming year. Any price rises are notified before the start of the year. Last year ours went up 3%. It sounds like your rent, wherever you are, is pretty cheap, so as Lisa suggested express your concerns and perhaps ask for a breakdown of the increase and to be notified of increases before they take place in the future. What size is your plot for £15 a year?

    Does anyone else pay in arrears?

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    no- we never did on either of the 2 sites we were at.

    I wondered if it was actually in arrears too- seems odd.
    Personally I wouldn't quibble over that amount- but I understand it's the principle of the matter.

    So -yep- check your contract on both accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WendyC View Post
    I'm surprised you pay in arrears. What's to stop someone using the plot for a year and then scarpering before the rent is due?
    That is what was happening here - so this year the Council have changed agreements so we will be paying in advance, and put up the rent a little.

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