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Thread: Rundown plots

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrow100 View Post
    When I first got my plot in 2012 I met a guy in the garden centre who was being paid 2k to dig over an allotment and set up beds with decking plus put up a shed for a chap who was time-poor. He thought it was the easiest money he'd earn all year. My eyebrows were well into my hairline...
    For two grand I could maybe be persuaded to come out of retirement................
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    I've just been given a plot after 8 months on two raised beds. I would have taken it regardless of whether it was a scrapheap or overgrown jungle, I like a challenge! I was given 3 options, one in "ready to plant" mode and the other two needing different types of work. I was swayed by a (leaning, leaking) shed, 3 full bins of compost and a reduced risk of mare's tail.

    Yes, maybe I took the easy option as I'll be able to plant some crops straight away with only minimal weeding whilst I tackle the other jobs. I figured that was okay after the time, expense and effort I'd put in clearing the weeds (including couch grass, thistles and mare's tail) from my beds, destoning them and adding bag, upon bag, upon bag of compost & muck to improve the thick, heavy, cold, clay soil they were full of. The person inheriting my beds will get some almost fully grown brassicas (as long as they survive the pigeons), onions, garlic, chard and perpetual spinach already growing in their plot so it seems a fair swap.

    On the subject of "starter plots" that has been mentioned in this thread. With waiting lists as long as they are in Edinburgh, I saw my beds as my pernament home, I planted fruits and herbs (which will now need moved), improved the soil and built structures. Now that I've been offered a proper plot, I don't resent any of that time and effort, instead I'm happy to have made things a bit easier for the next person coming in, completely new to gardening that will take my place.
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