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Thread: Allotments - strictest restrictions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gillykat View Post
    No concrete foundations, no glass bottle 'sculptures' , no caravans and no sleeping on the allotments overnight. No livestock without written permission and no dogs kept permanently on sites.

    Mind guy near the bottom DOES have a caravan on site but he's disguised it (not very well I must add) with wood Could have sworn I had a photo of it but cannot find it yet....may be in a photobucket file....

    Generally though they're pretty good about just leaving us alone
    Sounds like my kind of site!
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    Rule 1: Entry to bind weed forbidden. Full stop. Period. Transgressors will be removed from site without notice.

    Oops, sorry, I was dreaming.
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    We're allowed trees but diameter at base should be no bigger than 5cm. So in effect it's dwarfing rootstocks. But that said, a few plots including my own have inherited larger fruit trees which were already there. Fruit bushes are allowed. People aren't allowed to bring on carpet, particle board etc due to contamination risk. Greenhouses allowed, no sheds, tool storage should be under 0.6 metres.

    I wish there was a horsetail ban! But that stuff will grow where it likes!

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    UK sheds as it was in view from a NT beauty spot.
    Strangely the guy next to us managed to persuade the LC that he could put up a PT!
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    our plot rules vary considerably depending who you ask....usually centering around what the site rep and his cronies think of you.

    If you go to ask the council they tell you its all up to him and at his discretion.

    Currently he doesn't come to allotments more than 4 or 5 times a year and has no crops on his plot so there are no rules....
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    No sheds/greenhouse over a certain height, no selling of produce, no sprinklers, and no growing of any dodgy herbs!!
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    My first plot had a rule saying "no bonfires which cause a nuisance".

    Therefore you could have a bonfire which didn't cause a nuisance or any other type of fire as both bonfire and nuisance have specific legal definitions.

    They also had a rule "no plant supports within 18 inches of the plot boundary"

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    Our site is pretty easygoing I'm glad to say. The only 2 rules I would like to see would be:

    1. Children should be supervised at all times and kept on their own plots.

    2. Thieves and vandals should be used as fertiliser (after hanging, drawing and quartering)

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