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Thread: Vermin advice please.

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    mrjarraman is offline Germinator
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    Nov 2019

    Default Vermin advice please.

    Only had an allotment for 3 months and have started seeing a few Rats. The question is, should I use poison or Traps?

    Would this be detrimental to other wildlife ie Hedgehogs etc.

    As always advice greatly appreciated.
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    Logunner is offline Rooter
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    Are you allowed to shoot?
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    I have used poison. Not the grain type what I get looks more like packets of blu tack. I put it under a large slate supported on a couple of bricks with another on top so that other wildlife can’t get at it. I have used this method in the chicken run with no ill effects. The rats will eat it under the slate or some times they will take it away.

    Bye bye rats!!!!
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    Mr Bones's Avatar
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    Keep disturbing wherever they are and there's a good chance they'll move on. Wildlife cam on my lotty showed a fox the other night with a rat in it's mouth, highlights the downside of using poison.

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    Nov 2018


    if you have a fox you’ve got a good friend, I love mine he keeps the rabbits down for a start, but it is quite natural to have a few animals down on your plot. You might not want them in your home, but your allotment IS his home. We all have to eat.
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    Gareth the Duck is offline Germinator
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    Dec 2019
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    100% agree with Mr Bones. I had rats In my compost bins and around my shed, now I have not seen any or any evidence of them in weeks, In fact I'm counting it as one of my victories.

    I had good old clear up to remove any cover or harborage for them, they hate being out in the open and prefer to use runs under or behind things, I removed and stopped putting in veg peelings and eggs shells etc onto my compost and routinley made the compost more moist by adding water, whilst also turning them over twice a week - no more rats.

    In my little experience, it just seems common sense to take away what they want which is food, harborage/cover and no disturbance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon the gardener View Post
    if you have a fox youíve got a good friend.
    not if you keep chickens. They have broken my heart a few times, they are so crafty a couple of years ago I had to make the decision to not keep any more birds.

    I wouldn't want to poison one though! But on the other hand I would prefer rabbits - even if they do razor off my clematis!
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