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Thread: Veg varieties

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    Default Veg varieties


    I want to prolong the length of veg harvesting. I know about successional planting but what I'd also like to do is plant different varieties of the same veg to prolong the season. I have a magazine somewhere possible "GYO" where there is an article about which carrots to sow and when for a full year round supply of carrots.

    I wonder if there is a website that lists these sort of details for other veg?

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    If you find it, do share!

    I'll have a look as well and if I get it first, I'll post it here.

    I'm interested in this sort of thing; but that means planning of course. I use Real Seeds to buy from and they are very good at the early/late crop info.

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    I lifted this from:- Carrot Growing - In depth guide to growing carrots

    Eat your saved crop during winter, then sow a forced crop in Feb in a cloche - ready to harvest by June. The best carrots for forced crops are Amsterdam Forcing varieties like "Sweetheart" or "Nantes Express" which are longer.

    Early Outdoors: March/April sow seeds of Amsterdam Forcing or Nantes outdoors. Harvest in July/September.

    Main Crop: these are sown in April/May and harvested in October/November. Chantenay is a good main crop variety.

    Late main crop: These should be sown June/July and are ready for harvesting from December onwards. "Autumn King", Berlicum" and some Nantes varieties are good for storing and produce large roots, for eating all winter.
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