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    Default Natural Defences

    Having only just got my allotment last year I found out that slugs, bless em, are a bit of a pest. I have heard that one of the slugs natural predators is the common slow worm. I found a few of these in my patch and have heard that it is possible to build a sort of nest/box for them. Anybody any ideas on this please. Also in this months GYO there is mention of a bee box, again, any advice on building/ buying one of these. I want to attract as many natural predators into my allotment so as to cut out using any non friendly additives.

    Many thanks


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    Default Slow worms

    Hi N1S
    Don't know of any shelters available for these beasties, but there is an allotment site in Cheshire - Helsby Allotments which is being run in a sympathetic manner to help impovethe lot of their slow worm population - might be worth checking if they have a web-site ? All I can tell you is that they hibernate til about March, and sleep under rubbish, debris etc, so maybe a good old fashioned log pile would be a good start.

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    Hi Rat
    Thanks for that. Will look into it

    number 1 suspect

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    Hi N1S

    For info on slow worms - try

    Think Rats suggestion of log pile is best idea, perhaps putting some old carpet or turf on top - so it keeps damp.

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