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Thread: Help!

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    Default Help!

    Due to one thing and another, after clearing my plot earlier in the year we never got round to planting anything this year, and as a result everything is overgrown with weeds again *sigh*.

    I'm unsure how to tackle this - dp wants to strim and rotovate, but I think this will make it worse. I was thinking strim them dig the weeds out, then plant some green manure to smother everything - trouble is I'm not sure what kind, or if this is the ideal time of year to be doing it.

    Also, I'd like to get some fruit bushes in - am I right in thinking these are planted Nov time? Perhaps I should concentrate on clearing space for them (any tips on ideal spot in the allotment?). What about garlic, and other stuff that overwinters? Is there anything I could be planting in the next few weeks? I did do a plan ealrier in the year but I've completely forgotten what was planted when, and really I'm thinking I should just concentrate on clearing the plot again! My main concern though is not letting it get overgrown with weeds again, hence why I was thinking of green manures.

    Any advice much appreciated!

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    Try clearing and planting small areas. Overwintering onions and garlic can go in now.

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    Sorry to say that digging is the only answer. As Rusty lady says do small areas at a time it makes it more managable.
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    Dig a bit then plant it then repeat until the plot is cleared

    If you have nothing to plant cover the area you dug with cardboard weighed down with anything even the weeds

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