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Thread: Greenhouse gutter

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    Default Greenhouse gutter

    My allotment doesn't have its own water supply so unless I take water there in containers I don't have any there. I fixed gutters to my shed a couple of years ago and that helps a bit but I'm still short so I've done the same to my greenhouse.

    Firstly I sealed all the pane joints with silicone so the water doesn't drain straight into the inside of the greenhouse. I then fastened some bits of plank as a facial and then fixed the brackets to them.

    Greenhouse gutter-fb_img_1552344109376.jpg

    If you look closely there's a gap between the corner of the roof and the gutter....

    Greenhouse gutter-fb_img_1552344124888.jpg I fixed some roofing felt to it using screws and sealed it with some gutter sealant.

    Greenhouse gutter-fb_img_1552344135375.jpg

    And the same on the other side.

    Greenhouse gutter-fb_img_1552344143054.jpg

    We had a reasonable downpour at the weekend, though nothing really over the top, maybe an inch or twos rain at the most, but that was enough to fill the blue butts more than half way. Job well done methinks
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    That's a job to be proud of
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    Looks rather similar to the arrangement I have been constructing for gathering rainwater off my poly-tunnel - mostly in place now, though I still have to get the two 1000 L IBC's in place
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    Nice one Dynamo. My last effort used a channel from top of a vertical blind as the gutter and string as the downpipe. One tip I did pick up about blue barrels is if the top is cut off just below the lip it can be flipped over to make a well fitting, easy access lid.
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    iv'e got 4 in line barrels with pipes gonecting them ,a bit off blue water pipe set lower down as you go along . atb Dal.
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    My project, if it ever stops blowing a hooligan is to run two gutters on greenhouse and one on shed, all feeding into an IBC at the end of the shed. I have loads of guttering and down pipes which were left on the plot, I just haven't got the inclination to attempt it until we get some decent weather.
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