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    nots so bad lad is offline Seedling
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    Elland west yorkshire

    Default Free Rabbit control to any Allotment holders

    Hello just in case you have not read last nights reply.I am offering free rabbit control to any ALLOTMENTS out there what are having problems i am 40 years old basc fully insured and use presilenced air rifles perfect for rabbits i have many years expirance and can do a discreet job when required i am willing to travel up to 80 mile so come give me a call would be a pleasure also will skin them for you if you want to eat them.Beautiful in a stew or slow cooked with some bay leaves.

    Contact me on here or also remember rabbit will soon be breeding so even more damage will be done.I am based in Elland west yorkshire.

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    Jan 2006
    Nr, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire


    It's a shame you are so far away from me, i could do with any unwanted rabbits for my ferrets.

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    Cardiff South Wales


    People who keep birds of pray would also love to get their hands on the rabbits as the birds need to eat the whole carcass. If they are feed just the lean meat they become sick. Fur, bones and sinew are important to the good health of most birds of pray. There are hawking centres up and down the country. Perhaps someone who fly birds would be interested in flying Rabbit run allotments.
    Birds in captivity need to be flown on a very regular basis.

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