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Thread: Fires on Allotments

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    Default Fires on Allotments

    Our Council have banned fires on allotments between the the end of March and September. At our annual meeting we were informed that they were about to ban fires on allotments completely.

    What are the rules on your allotments with regards fires?

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    No rules on our site but my old site had the same 'no summer burning' rules as yours.

    I have visited my present plot and had to come straight home smelling like a kipper before

    Its all about thinking of others and being sensible..
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    '1 April-1November. Fires can only be lit from appx an hour before dusk and must be in an incinerator/barrel. Dry wood or weeds only, no mdf, plastic, tyres, carpet etc'

    'Smoke from a bonfire, which could cause a nuisance to neighbours by interfering with the use and enjoyment of their garden or property, could result in action under Environmental Protection Act '..blah blah blah

    'All fires must be a manageable size and attended at all times until fire is extinguished, to ensure minimum smoke production.' (Can be during the day and out of the incinerator from Nov- March, though)

    'The Council reserves the right to prohibit bonfires on specific plots or group of plots'. (in other words - near houses where they complain about anything/everything - even the noise of mowers and rotovators )

    A family that took on a badly overgrown allotment this summer, made an early start and lit a bonfire at 7am, OMG! and the Council sent WARNING LETTERS to all the plot holders on our site. Everyone was up in arms, my phone never stopped ringing "it wasn't me".....
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    Same as yours,so far,most times there is a comunal one,peeps put on and a committee member light it,could that be a solution on yours,as it's usualy peeps burning individual and wrongly,that spoil things for the majority,controled burning if you like,much more sence to me.
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    Feb 2019


    On our site we are only allowed fires during the week of November 5th. Can be a bit of a pain when you have a lot to clear and it's just getting wet
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    we've just lost summer burning, and only monthly in Winter. I suspect we'll lose that eventually. TBH, with my hippy hat on, burning is a waste of good biomass or a source of pollution depending what you are burning.

    with my former boy scout hat on, fires are fun, and I'm looking forward to teaching my lad how to make good fires

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    Sundays and after 6pm for us. Every time someone complains though, we get closer to the inevitable total ban. I only ever burn once or twice a year, but I'll miss it when i can't.
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    I think I just found you on FB, Cad....

    I've been driven off my plot by inconsiderate and downright loopy fires before now. OTOH, I'm getting a storm kettle for Christmas, and another old codger (said with the greatest of respect and affection) makes his tea in a battered black kettle over a small fire when he's on his plot.

    Ours is a very small site, with rather odd antecedents and non-typical rules, and mostly as long as no-one is an out and out crook and plays nicely with others, there are no consequences.

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