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    buncieblack is offline Germinator
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    Mar 2006
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    Default Butter nut squash or Sweet potato

    Has anyone grown any of these two ?????, if so have you any tips on cultivation/care,sources of seed or plants etc.
    Im on a bit of a healthy eating thing just now and both of these vegetables are great oven roasted for about 20 mins or so, so I thought I would give them a try on the allotment this year.

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    nick the grief's Avatar
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    Sweet potatoes are tropical BB and need it fairly warm to do any good. They are grown from cuttings called Slips, T&M sell them (i think). All the folks I know that have grown them have used Polytunnels to get a long hot season for them.

    As for Butternut squash see the seed swapI'm sure Shortie or Brable have some seed up for grabs & can tell you all about them.
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    Not sure about Bramble but yup, I've got some (I really did go to town on the seed saving)...

    Like ntg says check out thread in the swap shop as there's a link in there for the type I saved them from , and also notes on growing them. If you're still interested, let me know and I'll PM you my address so you can send me a SAE

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    bramble's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    No, sorry, I don't have any seeds of butternut squash.

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    Jaxom's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    Cardiff South Wales


    I have some Butternut Squash seeds as well as some melon seeds if anyone wants some. They are nothing fancy I am afraid. I just collected them last year and dried them out. Whether they will grow fruit or not is another matter?

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    Apr 2006


    I've grown butternut fairly easily. The only problem is that they need just a bit more summer than there is, but if you start them off early in the greenhouse or indoors they do quite well. I grow them in containers or growbags.
    They like lots of water and manure. The organic catalogue has a similar thing bred for Britain, I think its called a cobnut, but I haven't tried it. I usually use seeds from my dinner.
    I've grown sweet potatoes in SA but don't know if the season here is long enough. We used to plant one and after a few weeks you get sprouts - similar to potatoes, you cut these off and plant them and they then grew new tubers. They need quite poor sandy soil and lots of sun.

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    pigletwillie's Avatar
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    A good variety for use here is Butternut Sprinter. It matures a bit quicker allowing the fruit to mature.

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    Dec 2005
    Normandy (61) France


    We grow butternut sprinter, and it didn't do very well last year. It was planted in a more shaded place than the previous year, and I wonder now whether we should have hand-pollinated it too. I didn't know you were supposed to do that to courgettes and always had plenty, but maybe it is advisable with all squash type plants??

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