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Thread: Allotment holders facing eviction

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    Default Allotment holders facing eviction

    Haigside allotments in Treherbert, Rhondda

    Allotment holders have contacted police after a letter told them "bailiffs and appropriate security" would mean their "physical exclusion".

    BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales | Allotment holders facing eviction

    I think this is absolutely disgusting that the land owner can send them a solicitors letter to evict them with no consultation or anything.
    I hope the council and the police side in favour of the plotholders.

    Cheers Chris

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    That is sickening. This land has been allotments for 100 years, surely they should have some official protection after that length of time??!! And to threaten the plot-holders with "security" is all kinds of wrong

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    Unfortunately, there's nothing they can do. The land belongs to the landowner (presumably the council) who can do with it what they wish. It's even in the terms and conditions of what I signed before I got my plot.

    I do feel for them. I'm sure like my local allotments, there are people who have been there for decades and things like this really get me annoyed.

    I do think that if it is the council doing this, they're only shooting themselves in the foot. By law, if 6 or more people request an allotment, a local authority MUST supply one. All these people have to do is make sure enough people write in and get another one soon after hopefully.

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