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Thread: Allotment in the garden or a real allotment?

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    Joe is offline Seedling
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    Sep 2008

    Default Allotment in the garden or a real allotment?

    Just wondering. I've been fancying an allotment for a while and have my name down on several lists. I have a garden which is mostly grass, but was considering making a plot there but that isn't really having an allotment is it?

    Isn't half of the allotment keeping the social side as well? Sharing with your fellow diggers has got to be a main attraction, hasn't it?

    So allotment keepers is your plot at home or away?
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    emilymup is offline Sprouter
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    Nov 2008
    Northants - Rose of the Shires


    Both!! I have got a fairly big garden with 4 raised beds each 4m x 1.2m and was able to get a fair amount of veg from it last year. We took on an allotment recently as we felt we needed to grow more! If I had more room in the garden I wouldn't have taken on the lottie as its much easier to step out the back door!! As for the social side, I love this forum, its interesting, funny, informative, and most importantly WARM!!!!

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    Growem is offline Rooter
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    Mar 2008
    Thames valley
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    It depends on your allotment site, the people there and the times you are likely to be there. My allotment is at a small site, so there aren't many people there. They are all quite friendly, but I see them about 3 out of every 10 times I'm there. So it's a nice bonus, but I wouldn't get an allotment for that reason alone. Our garden isn't big or sunny enough for a proper veg patch, so that's the main reason I have an allotment.

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    Dec 2005


    Growing Veg in your garden is not an allotment it could be a Kitchen Garden but it is not an allotment and never will be.
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    Alice's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Perthshire, Scotland.
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    I grow in my own kitchen garden, Joe , and that suits me. I can step out into it any time I like and my veg are just where I want them. I've got water and electricity out there.
    If I had no garden, or nothing suitable, I would probably want to get an allotment - but when I have it all on my own doorstep, why would I want to go somewhere else.
    You might get some great neighbours at an allotment - or you might get some horrors.
    It's up to you Joe, but I would start turning that grass over.

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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    lynda66's Avatar
    lynda66 is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jun 2008


    mine might as well be an allotment, the front garden is veg, the back garden this year will be fruit and chooks ..... still just about resisting the urge to dig up the back lawn, though if i don't get a lottie soon it may have to go.

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    BarleySugar's Avatar
    BarleySugar is offline Early Fruiter
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    May 2007
    West London
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    If I had the choice of a garden plot or an allotment, I would go for the garden, much more convienient.
    If we ever do get allotments set up, the first plotholders will probably be quite social as we've got to know each other quite well in our fight to get a site. Hopefully we will be able to continue this with newcomers.
    I could not live without a garden, it is my place to unwind and recover, to marvel at the power of all growing things, even weeds!
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    Paulottie is offline Banned
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    Feb 2007
    Petworth. West Sussex


    I have a couple of raised beds, fruit, chickens, a herb bed and two greenhouses at home...then two allotments and another greenhouse on the site five minutes walk away.

    Allotments are indeed a community and you can be social, I love it, certainly this is even more important to some folk that would otherwise have limited contact with the world....on the flip side, too much chat can be a hindrance and Lordy can't some gardeners rabbit! I am certainly there to grow veg and feed the family (whilst running a business at the same time) and so there are jobs that must get done in the time available....learn to chat as you work!

    The advantages of home inc. just being there, so I keep an eye on the propagation and have leccy etc. The Beds are normally used for crops that need lots of picking or is also more sheltered here. Mind you I like veg beds and find it quite attractive but not all folk do... but mainly I just don't have the space I want.... You might also consider a Geoff Hamilton style 'ornimental kitchen garden' which is a nice way to grow at home.

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